Album Review; A Pale Horse Named Death – ‘And Hell Will Follow Me’

A Pale Horse Named Death
‘And Hell Will Follow Me’


‘And Hell Will Follow Me’ is the debut album from A Pale Horse Named Death. At the helm of the ship is Sal Abruscato (former drummer and co founder of Type O Negative) who shows that as well as being an awesome drummer he can make the transition from drummer to front man and soul focus of a band.

As well as Sal the band consists of his partner in crime Matt Brown (Sound Engineer for Lou Reed as well as many more) but to deliver live these guys employ the skills of guys such as Bobby Hambel (Biohazard) and Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative and Seventh Void). Anyways enough about their live show, this is an album review god dammit Leeroy.

This album is filled with aggressive riffs, power house drumming and lyrics that stick to the tip of your tongue. This entire album is no nonsense, balls out, sludgey rock at its finest.

Songs such as “Heroin Train” and “Serial Killer” have an in your face rawness that an metal fan can relate to when the walk in to the pit and prepare to raise hell, where as songs such as “Die Alone” and “To Die In Your Arms” are fist pumpers at their finest.

It is a refreshing change to hear a band that are not style over substance and stick to their guns by delivering what fans of this genre want from new acts. If this album gets the correct publicity and this band seize the right opportunities they could be huge.

If in your CD collection you own albums by the likes of Alice In Chains, Down and Clutch (yes a bizarre combination, I know) then this album is for you.

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