Album Review; Airship – ‘Stick In This Ocean’

‘Stuck In This Ocean’
Play It Again Sam
Released September 5th

Airship have come up with a simple mathematical solution to success, Radiohead + Coldplay = radioplay
The press release states the band have been locked away in a Manchester rehearsal studio, when not out road testing these songs whilst supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro.
Airship have clearly worked hard, perfecting a record that flows and deserves to be heard as one, not that you can’t dip into ‘Stuck in this ocean’ for specific tracks. Recent single ‘Kids’ – Radiohead played at the wrong speed, all shimmering Shoegaze guitars with its sing along chorus and Foals vibe- is definitely a stand out track. Future single contender Spirit Party with Kim Deal esque bass is reminiscent of Interpol at their most melodic.
Texture is key to the group’s sound, they have produced a hook heavy guitar pop record that will no doubt see them become absolutely fucking huge. Next year their anthemic choruses will be heard at every major music festival, the Deerhunter like sound of ‘The trial of Mr Riddle’ which ignites into a crescendo of guitar and drums in it’s final third lasting an epic 8 minutes is one such lighters aloft moment.
If I have criticism it’s that Airship’s points of reference are a little too blatant, but comparing songs to Radiohead and Deerhunter isn’t exactly a bad thing and the group do bring their own vibrant energy into the mix.
Buy now and ‘discover’ this band before they make it huge. 7/10
Jamie Gambino

One of a clutch of good songs.