Album Review: Still Corners – ‘Creatures Of An Hour’

Still Corners
‘Creatures Of An Hour’
Sub Pop

When locked in a dark room with a bunch of dusty, broken organs and cheap microphones, this act based in the not at all dirty surroundings of pastoral Greenwich have come up with an album with such a wide reaching scope, the fact it was obviously recorded on a shoestring makes it even more impressive.
The dramatic drum rolls on ‘Into the trees’ merges Beach House with dreams about Phil Spector. The muffled muffled Wurlitzer led shoegaze of ‘Circulars and the dreamy and ‘The Twilight hour’s distorted cutie pie pop is fine and fuzzy Joe Meek referencing indie pop equal parts sweet to dark whereas ‘Submarine’ shows their spikier side and ‘The White season’ comes on like a saccharine sweet lullaby from hell.
Fans of the recent Cats Eyes collaboration between Faris Badwan from The Horrors and vocalist Rachel Zeffira
could do themselves a favour in picking this up, it’s amazing what you can do when your huge cinematic soundscapes fight against a fiercely lo-fi backdrop. 8/10
Chris Todd