Twin Atlantic – ‘Free’

Twin Atlantic
Red Bull Records


Twin Atlantic have only been around for a short time but in that time they have supported bands such as Biffy Cyro and The Gaslight Anthem. They have been gathering a strong fan base that has been growing steadily. The Glaswegian four piece are about to release their first full length album which is titled ‘Free’. The band has a lot of buzz and expectation around them and need to deliver a strong album that will break them into a wider audience and with ‘Free’ they may have cracked it.
The album grabs your attention from the start with ‘Edit Me’, a song that builds up into a slap in the face that will grab your attention and leave you wanting more, and that more is delivered in many ways.  ‘Free’ is an album that is full of highs and lows, with the band showing they can do it all. They will rock you hard with songs like ‘Make A Beast of Myself’ and ‘Ghost of Eddy’ but they also show they can slow things down in a way that sounds natural to them, with songs like ‘Crash Land’ and ‘Serious Underground Dance Vibes’, the latter being an instrumental number that could relax a pissed off bull in a red room. The album closes with ‘We Want Better, Man’, which is a fitting song to end on because it’s a mash up, its slow, fast, hard, soft and it won’t allow you to assign the band a any genre of rock.
Twin Atlantic have the potential to reach heights most bands can only dream of and this album is the delivery of that potential. What is really impressive though is that with ‘Free’ they have an album that is honest and open. They have not compromised, they have stayed true to the music they want to make and this is the reason the album is so good. I have the feeling we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about Twin Atlantic this year.
Christopher Brown

Good song, and in our humble opinion it’s not even the best song on ‘Free’