Captain of the Lost Waves’ ‘Hidden Gems – Chapter 1’

Captain of the Lost Waves’ ‘Hidden Gems – Chapter 1’ force and true original artist Captain of the Lost Waves has unleashed in his brand new recording, entitled, Hidden Gems – Chapter 1, a spectrum of vaudeville and interactive performances that will be sure to engage the theater-goer in you.  Comprised of members, Captain of the Lost Waves (voices, bouzouki, ukulele), Murray Grainger (accordion, accordina), Tony Taffinder (mandolin, banjo, bodhran, guitar, voice), and Dave Bowie Jnr. (double bass/bowed bass), the Captain really shows his showmanship in these spectacular renditions of “Nu Vaudeville” and “Renaissance of the Bard” in this setlist.  He setups the stage, acting as if the members were a part of his circus and he is the ringleader, as he shows his chops in leading this macabre outfit in showcasing a group of highly contagious songs.

Hidden Gems – Chapter 1 opens up with “Grand National” that starts out with a whispery beginning that eventually reels you in by the increase of volume.  The upbeat track has the every appearance of theater with an eerie and artistic element pervading the entirety of the song.  The bizarre theatrics continue as the endearing interplay of magic and the fantastical gets played out with great storytelling.  It all, therefore, plays out for an enriching experience as audiences make an exquisite connection with the performers.

“Another Planet” gives off an otherworldly experience as the intimate and engaging storytelling format piques with tales of adventure and out-of-this world guises.  Not entirely tied down to any particular genre or style, this track is a blend of elegance and great flow.

On “Happy In Bed,” the track starts off with the sound of the clock ticking and of a sleeper happily snoring away in bed.  The blaring of the alarm sounds next as it alerts the sleeper to wake up.  As you have an earful of this vaudeville stance, the charming aspect to the song as well as the tinkling of mandolin and the stirring stint from the accordion adds a quaint aspect to the track.

The sounds of police sirens at the start of the fourth track, “Danger” indulges in the pulsing themes of urgency and threat.  But the Captain smooths over this by humming along with the percussions in a series of (lalalas).  This sort of gimmicky layer adds some highly illustrious imagery and details, asking us to use our imagination in the depiction of these narratives.

“Summer” is an ironically grim and hypnotic track filled with sensuous descriptions about the crest of summer overcast by gothic overtones.  With an enthused chorus and intricate harmonies, this haunting and dreamy soundscape continues to entice audiences on this magical journey through the sonic treasures that is Hidden Gems – Chapter 1.

The piano-based “Fat Freddy Fingers Part 1” has the Captain singing with a theatric flair.  He really brandishes his vocal quality as listeners will hone in and really relish in the drama.  There is an archaic quality to the instrumentals as the daring sound filled with grim, dark clad aspects harkens to a gypsy-inspired type of atmosphere.

“This Is A Song” is a pensive, introspective track filled with many a thoughtful nuance.  The speedy execution in which these lyrics are dispensed are done so in an engaging sense of implementation.  The sparse, minimalistic approach examines the idea of a ‘song.’  A poetic and upbeat track, it has a flirtatious and eccentric vibe.

Hidden Gems – Chapter 1 is filled with quirky tunes and many an endearing oddball moment.  This is apparent in such tracks like the ballad-driven “Don’t Miss What’s In Front Of You,” where the Captain really belts out the lyrics to this soaring romantic track with a moral to it: live in the moment and “Mr. Many Men,” a rock-driven upbeat and catchy ditty.

Hidden Gems – Chapter 1 also contains some hidden gems of its own with hidden tracks like the exquisitely detailed operatic “Fat Freddy Fingers Part 2,” “Afterlife,” the upbeat, ironic track that fancies death, “Ce Qui Est Devant Vous,” the romantic French song that will have you dreaming under that stars, and “Grand National Reprise,” a light and upbeat track that will have you humming along to it.

Captain of the Lost Waves concoct a blend of highly indulgent tracks as these wordy tracks will give audience something to contemplate over.  The expository and the highly illustrious imagery will have listeners dreaming away with their heads in the clouds.  These colorful tracks filled with the spectacular and the carnival are time-attested, filled with artistic renderings of detail and imagery.  Hidden Gems – Chapter 1 is a series of ill-contained tracks that will gradually have you grasping to the armrests of your chair as you sit on the edge of your seat listening to these delightful narratives.  Be sure to get your copy today. 7.8/10

My Nguyen

Captain of the Lost Waves’ Hidden Gems – Chapter 1 was released on Mar. 8.

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Captain of the Lost Waves’ ‘Hidden Gems – Chapter 1’