Coachella, Saturday Night Pool Party with Metronomy & Wild Belle

Mulberry hosted a couple of brilliant parties around Coachella at the weekend featuring Kasabian, The Vaccines, Metronomy and Wild Belle. Hope you caught the first post, of the Mulberry Firepit party featuring Kasabian in session, along with the Vaccines. I though that was it,bur oh no, there is even more to interest you from Palm Springs. At least that is what I plan to offer you, surrounded by worried hearts sitting in another festival field, gazing at greying skies, talking cloud formations, declaring, “It’s gonna rain.” So if you want to see Wild Belle and Metronomy look below, for ;last Friday’s Kasabian and The Vaccines see related stories look to the left. I’m heading for a big multi-colored tent…

Saturday Mulberry Pool Party:

Wild Belle interview

Wild Belle performance

Joe Mount, Metronomy Interview