COLD IN BERLIN ‘…and the darkness bangs’ THE NEW AA SIDE CD SINGLE

COLD IN BERLIN ‘…and the darkness bangs’ THE NEW AA SIDE CD SINGLE

Cold_In_Berlin_AA_ssingle_coverThe London Gothic band’s  AA single is available now from Cold In Berlin’s official website,



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The track listing is not to taxing to reproduce, the single consisits of,


A. …and the darkness bangs

AA. The Lie

B. …and the darkness bangs (Heretics remix)

Wxpect a review in With guitars next Singles Rounduo no.12 due in two weeks. Another reason to check CiB;s site, is to take down the details of theur free launch Party, this friday –


‘Produced by James Aparicio (whose credits include Depeche Mode, Spiritualized, Grinderman and Liars) who helped sharpen their already visceral sound’

‘with knife-edged guitar riffs, sharpened at every turn, set against a whirlwind of apocalyptic driving beats, they elaborately wrap around Maya’s powerful, explosively volatile howls’  Dominion

‘this is a tidal wave: unforgiving and strongly make its point’

CiB ‘take their ethic a few steps further, they chose to write songs, utilising less common time-signatures (than the overly-used 4/4 time); and they project with a post-punk fervour! Picture Patti Smith or Siouxsie Sioux & The Banshees covering a tune by 80s punkers Romeo Void! My’s vocals are very forward, and acceptably forceful, not backing down from the emotions that fuel her sentiment! She does not waste a listener’s time, with unadventurous re-renderings of the boring pretenses that drench the believability of some mainstream efforts’

‘the closing inclusion of Heretics’ bass-heavy witch-step RMX of "… And The Darkness Bangs" comes as a welcome surprise. Ramping up the original’s industrial compression, crumpling the beat and invoking those genre-dependent machine-gun drum rips, it can’t help but then screw vocalist Maya’s words into poison-tipped shards’

here’s the title track from the bands White Horse, a cracking track in my opinion. To hear and see the songs from the new single go to


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COLD IN BERLIN ‘…and the darkness bangs’ THE NEW AA SIDE CD SINGLE