Color You ‘The Grand Trine’

Color You ‘The Grand Trine’

Color You is an alternative rock band from Northern Alabama/Southern California and currently residing in Los Angeles.  Consisting of Ben Ross (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Brian Han (vocals, bass), Theodore Eckhardt (vocals, guitar) and Drew Stutz (drums), the band was formed in 2013 and has released The Grand Trine in October 7, 2016 for alternative, psychedelic and punk lovers everywhere.

The Grand Trine opens with the title-track with an interlude where we have an announcer speaking in an instructional tone.  Further into the track, it appears to be a hypnotist speaking as he countdowns to our awakening.

“In Tune” starts off with catchy hooks and vocals that harmonizes with waves of melodic and sonic fervor.  There is an echoing effect to the track with spiraling reverb from the guitars that gives off a psychedelic feel.

“Empty” shows the band coloring outside the lines as this out of the box technique shows the rendering of some very danceable tunes.  The care-free attitude and trippy guitar reverberations will sate the punk rock lover in you.

“Shine Through” melds melodious, contagious sounds with effective music to give you a swaying and colorful overarching of eclectic cadences.  With its wave of sonic sounds and grating, spiraling guitars, this shows that Color You definitely shines.

Favorites from the album have to include “Lady in Blue,” “In Tune,” and “Empty,” all of which undulates with a sound that is galactic and straight out of this world.  The grandiose, joyful and unfiltered music transports the listener into a different state of mind.

The energetic and uplifting tunes give off the impression that Color You would be great to listen to live.  Embedded into these tracks are a mixture of genres from psychedelic to punk rock, folk rock and grunge.

In the tradition of Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes and Nirvana, Color You delivers the same type of unadulterated music that only a great live band could achieve. Be sure you give The Grand Trine a listen today! 7.7/10

My Nguyen

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Color You ‘The Grand Trine’