Dear Blanca – ‘Pobrecito’

Dear Blanca – ‘Pobrecito’

Dear Blanca, a band hailing from South Carolina, is an indie rock outfit. They are set to release ‘Pobrecito’, their second record to date after debut album ‘Talker’. The album was mastered by Nick Petersen, known for his work on a selection of Bon Iver’s records. Dear Blanca claim to draw inspiration from many notable acts, using Minutemen and Townes Van Zandt as examples. The result draws together as raw, jagged rock music.

The first track, ‘Boulders’, sets a tone for the album. Jangly electric guitars intermix with acoustic guitar as crooned vocals sound and resonate. After this short track, ‘Showplace’ begins; a track which has a lazy summer feel to it, a soundtrack to sun glazed suburban streets and shared experience with close friends. ‘Noma’ opens with drums, to which a guitar hook and eerie whistling soon sound. Poetic lyrics enhance the track, as is a major theme on the album. Female vocals accompany both male vocals and that oh so eerie whistling, giving the track a haunted and nostalgic summer feel. A sweet interlude kicks in, to which the vocals ‘Am I coming down?’ sound, a question which every festival goer has surely asked themselves at some point or another.

Enjoy ‘Noma’

The second half of the album opens with ‘Huff’, which makes use of characteristically clear guitar and sentimental lyrics. ‘Priscilla’ has a Red Hot Chilli Peppers feel to the guitar playing, despite being outlined by folkish vocals. ‘Pobrecito’ is easily the best track on the album. It is both heartfelt and cathartic, without being cliché or pretentious; a hard sound to nail, which is why ballads are few and far between in modern music. ‘On The Dime’ falls a close second, an indie-punk track which is a little more upbeat and vibrant. Male and female vocals duet, which again enhances the album. ‘Cadmus’, the closing track, is a subtle finish, being a little repetitive in sound.

Watch ‘Prison Break’ (live)

Dear Blanca have managed to create an original, raw album. That creative and resonating sound of talent is evident; like Brian Jonestown Massacre’s music, the track is full of pained emotion and feel. Aside of all instrumental ability, it is this feel which makes or breaks an album. For those living out in the US, tour dates are listed below. 8/10
Jamie Morrell

Upcoming tour dates:

08/14/14 – The Royal American – Charleston, SC
08/15/14 – New Brookland Tavern – Columbia, SC
08/16/14 – Snug Harbor – Charlotte, NC

Stream ‘Boulders’

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Dear Blanca – ‘Pobrecito’