Demon Lung – Paraeidolia EP

Demon Lung are a female fronted doom band from Las Vegas Nevada. When you think of Las Vegas you initially see the bright lights shining, the alcohol flowing, the cash coming in and the good times rolling but there is a darker side to this city. After recently visiting Las Vegas I have witnessed first hand the amount of homeless and beggars on the street as well as the Mexican community being exploited to advertise escort services for a minimal wage. Living in this environment must have some influence upon the music that you create.

From opening track Lament Code this doom act set the mood for all four all for tracks on the EP. With a slow driving tempo controlling the tracks it is easy to get lost in the music and let it take you on a ride.

Demon Lung may not be the most inventive band due to doom being a some what niche genre but they are definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to this genre. I urge anyone who likes doom to give this band a listen. Gloomy riffs, wailing vocals, thunderous bass and heavyweight drumming should be every ones idea of a good time. 7.5/10

Chris Storey