French For Cartridge – My Compilation Nov02


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French For Cartridge – My Compilation

Amongst critical gushing, French for Cartridge have been reviewed as “Mary Pippins on an acid trip” as well as described both as “odd” and “infectious” in the same breath. The London based band have just released their second album, ‘Liquorice’, the follow up to ‘Cases’. John Cage, one half of the front duo took well earned five minutes out of the studio and delivered this memorable compilation.

dEUS – ‘Fell Off the Floor, Man’
Sonic Youth – ‘Dirty Boots’
Stina Nordenstam – ‘Everyone Else in the World’
Migu – ‘Spider’
Pearl Jam – ‘Animal’
Michael Parsons – ‘Oblique Piece 4 performed by John Tilbury’
PJ Harvey – ‘Working For the Man’
A Camp – ’Golden Teeth and Silver Medals’
The Beatles – ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’
Fiery Furnaces – ‘Restorative Beer’
Giant Drag – ‘Kevin is Gay’
Deerhoof – ‘The Perfect Me’
Joe Henry – ‘This Afternoon’
Laura Veirs – ‘The Cloud Room’
Ben Folds Five – ‘Kate’
Cornelius – ‘Fit Song’
Yo La Tengo – ‘Saturday’
Tom Waits – ‘What’s He Building In There?’
Low – ‘Breaker ‘

If you’re into rock, but not be the numbers, check this experimental outfit on for size and you will find out why Radio 1 picked them for recommended podcasts, they have lots of dates, jukebox and info at