Futureheads – ‘Rant’ (Nul Records)

Futureheads new album Rant is a one not to be missed. The Sunderland Lads were convinced by lead singer Barry Hyde to produce an a cappella album based on covers from 13th century traditional English folk of ‘Sumer Is Icumen’, through to ‘Meet Me Halfway’ by The Black Eyed Peas.  You will not be disappointed as a Futureheads fan you already love the tight harmonies in all their previous albums of indie punk, so why is this any different? It’s not.
The boys have took a total leap of faith with their fans, to produce this record their third full-length release on their own label, Nul Records. Futureheads have been hitting the road with the album since early April, performing all over the UK including train stations and record shops. Their home gig I am delighted to say will be at Sunderland Minster, where they have just announced a second night as the first sold out in record time. 

Hard for me to add a good summary, as I have played  the album ‘Rant’  a fair bit, ion recent weeks is probably the best compliment I should pay, as this is no novelty, just the latest instalment from The Futureheads. 8.5/10
Klaire Ferry

Futureheads performing in Hot Rats for record store day.

The Futureheads were also recently delighted to announce they will be supporting Red Hot Chilli Peppers on their upcoming visit to the Stadium of Light on 24th June .