Glasgow’s ELARA CALUNA share video for debut single ‘Silver Dust’ + POETRY CLUB show

Glasgow’s ELARA CALUNA share video for debut single ‘Silver Dust’ + POETRY CLUB show

Glasgow’s ELARA CALUNA release debut single ‘Silver Dust’ and show at THE POETRY CLUB (both 18th December).

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Share/ embed: Elara Caluna ‘Silver Dust’

In 2014 Benedict Salter and Kitty Hall (collectively, Elara Caluna) began running a mixed Arts night called Paraphernalia out of The Poetry Club venue in Glasgow and exhibitions at The Poetry Club’s sister gallery VoidoidARCHIVE. Paraphernalia is about promoting the visual artists, poets, filmmakers, and musicians who are orbiting Glasgow School of Art, and the associated social milieu.

Elara Caluna ‘Silver Dust’

elara caluna – silver dust from elara caluna on Vimeo.

The activation of VoidoidARCHIVE records was the natural response to the new music and spoken word emerging from the Poetry Club over the last year. The first and second releases on the VoidoidARCHIVE imprint are Elara Caluna and Sue Tompkins respectively.
Elara Caluna (which loosely translates as the purple heather of Jupiter’s moon) are release number 1 on the record label. The A-side ‘Silver Dust’ is backed by an etching by Hall. Their sound balances skeletal folk melodies with an intimate wintery lyricism. A visceral and unsettling ‘witch-pop’ sound reverberates through this debut single.
Elara Caluna were chosen to play at the launch of The Poetry Club’s book by its founder and luminary Jim Lambie.  Lambie conceptualised the venue itself as a piece of social sculpture with spoken word as its core motion.
The imprint’s second release features Glasgow based visual artist Sue Tompkins’ ‘RAID’ & ‘TURNOVER’ – a quick fire series of fantastical and frenzied spoken word pieces. Tompkins’ inclusion in this series of releases shows the interaction between emerging talent in Glasgow, as well demonstrating the creative prowess of its established artists.
There are plans afoot to bring Paraphernalia’s maelstrom of live music, DJ’s, spoken word and art to galleries in New York, Tokyo, Basel and Turin. These first two releases provide a sample of what The Poetry Club and VoidoidARCHIVE has to offer.
The vinyl is of each release is limited to 250 copies with more releases to follow on the imprint. Both Elara Caluna & Sue Tomkins perform at the next Paraphernalia night at The Poetry Club on Friday 18th December.
VoidoidARCHIVE is a nerve centre of sorts for the documentation and direction of comings and goings at The Poetry Club. It is adjacent to The Club and also serves as a gallery for visual art.  Salter and Hall capitalised on these two spaces to create a petri dish for the germination and cross-pollination of ideas both visual and auditory. Paraphernalia has encouraged a continuous stream of performances, D.I.Y, films, and art exhibitions from the new emerging artists In the City.
For further information please contact Tel: 0208 772 7605/ 07718 535 029.


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Glasgow’s ELARA CALUNA share video for debut single ‘Silver Dust’ + POETRY CLUB show