Moodoid Release ‘Je suis la Montagne’ EP (feat. Tame Impala / Melody’s Echo Chamber)

Moodoid Release ‘Je suis la Montagne’ EP (feat. Tame Impala / Melody’s Echo Chamber)

MOODOÏD DEBUT EP available on Limited 12” edition and digital Out 9.9.13 via Les Disques Entreprise

The ambitious creation of Parisian multi-instrumentalist Pablo Padovani, Moodoïd’s stunning debut EP of globally-tinged psych pop is a release that knows no borders in time or geography. The son of cult jazz player Jean-Marc Padovani and guitarist for Melody’s Echo Chamber, Padovani’s psychedelic terrain is one evoking the spirit of Tropicalia’s exhilarating experimentation, the fractured-pop tropes of Connan Mockasin, and the freedom of 70s French prog namely Gong.


Mixed by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, everything on this self-title debut EP swings with purpose, right from the first  single “Je suis la Montagne” (which translates into “I am The Mountain”), as a sinewy groove guides the swirling guitar-pop and limber harmonies towards heavenly ascension.  The rest has the same confidence commanding attention launching into the hypnotic eastern-tinged, drum-heavy propulsive track “De folie pure”.

Moodoïd’s wild arrangements are rife with exuberant flair, taking a lot of liberties but never nearing self-indulgence. The art-rock suites within “Je sais ce que tu es” and “La chanson du ciel de diamants” showcase Padovani’s uncanny ability to transform baroque pop out into entrancing atmospheric worlds of their own while carefully never deviating too far from the songs’ melodic core.


The Moodoïd EP is out September 9th on Les Disques Entreprise, the exclusive French imprint of the Paris-based Third Side Records.

You can hear the beguilingly brilliant “Je suis la Montagne” here:

They will be in London for a first ever UK show at the Ooh La LA Festival on October 21st

Take a look at the rest of the line-up here:

The French experimental psych-pop act, MOODOÏD , on their debut EP, out September 9th on Les Disques Enterprise as a limited 12″ and download.

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Moodoid Release ‘Je suis la Montagne’ EP (feat. Tame Impala / Melody’s Echo Chamber)