Nexhymn – ‘Black Horizon’ EP May17


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Nexhymn – ‘Black Horizon’ EP


    Nexhymn are a five piece, female fronted band from Colorado and by god they have a bee in their bonnet. Some one has obviously pissed on their chips (French fries) at some point to get them so angry.

    What scares me more is by looking at their pictures I think every single member could kick my ass and that includes their singer Holly Wedel. There is nothing better than a band that sound bad ass as well as look bad ass.

    Stand out track on this EP has to be the title track Black Horizon, although every track is superb, its death metal how it is supposed to be played at its finest calibre. The focus will always be on their singer Holly though as it is astonishing that a woman can create such angry growls and barks.

    If you want to check out a band with less balls but more substance than other standard death metal bands I suggest you check out Nexhymn. 8/10

Chris Storey