Prinzhorn Dance School “I Want You” MP3 On DFA Records Released Today!

Prinzhorn Dance School return with "I Want You", the new single from their sophomore DFA release "Clay Class". The song is both personal and universal, a minimal love song with maximal impact, recalling both The XX & the Breeders. The single EP includes 2 brand new tracks recorded specifically for this single – "Promise" & "Love In The Ground". As a special bonus the band connected with original member of The Damned Brian James and his band The Brian James Gang to do a cover song swap. Brian James chose the Prinzhorn song “Usurper,” which he flipped all around, slowed down and managed to turn into the greatest track never made for PIL’s "Metal Box".  Prinzhorn themselves chose the Brian James Gang song "Green Worms" which finds our Sooz singing/talking/rapping over an undeniable Prinzhorn-esque minimal thump.

The widely dispersed guitar lines and a simple, steady rhythm of “I Want You” allow the duo’s complementing vocals to shine. Sincere lyrics show a vulnerable side of the band. Download the “I Want You” MP3 where it premiered on SPIN or HERE.
New York Magazine’s Nitsuh Abebe called Clay Class “a welcome return for the band — solemn and pensive, often beautiful, and wrapped around big themes.” Having performed for enthusiastic crowds across Europe, Prinzhorn Dance School’s sophomore LP Clay Class has re-solidified the band’s mark in the US.

I Want You Tracklist
    1. I Want You (LP version)
    2. Promise
    3. Love In The Ground
    4. Green Worms
    5. Usurper (Brian James Gang Version)

“Clay Class is nearly an indie classic.”
    – Rolling Stone
“Their vocals move in two separate but parallel lines, eschewing harmony for the aural equivalent of a march.“  – Los Angeles Times