Sexcrement – ‘Sloppy Seconds’  album review May11


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Sexcrement – ‘Sloppy Seconds’ album review

Sloppy Seconds is the second release from Massachusetts noise makers Sexcrement. On a level of decibels I can measure its noisiness as well how should I put this … pretty damn noisy.
    With their death grooved style Sexcrement stand out from the crowd that consists of serious die hard death metal fans. Songs with titles such as “I heard it through the rape vine” shows that Sexcrement are not to be taken too seriously in the current musical climate.

It’s a hard thing to imagine but if you attempt to imagine a classic rock band playing death metal then that is exactly what Sexcrement sound like. Although heavy as a sledgehammer they have the groove and choruses that stand above the rest in their field.

If you fancy listening to some death metal but don’t want anything too serious then I recommend you check out Sexcrement. 8/10
Chris Storey