The SoapGirls turn up the heat with their new album “Society’s Rejects

The SoapGirls turn up the heat with their new album “Society’s Rejects

Political activists The SoapGirls new album “Society’s Rejects” – full of straight up rock’roll songs – tons of energy, flashes of anger and serrated guitar-driven angst. THE SOAPGIRLS

new album

“Society’s Rejects”

July 21st


The SoapGirls proudly announce the release of their new album – the angry, reflective and beautifully honest “Society’s Rejects” on July 21st.

The perfect balance of attitude, swagger and raw rasping vocals – Societys Rejects, is full of straight up rock’roll songs – tons of energy, flashes of anger and serrated guitar-driven angst. Nothing can stop The SoapGirls inevitable rise to the top.

Check out the videos for  Rather Be Dead

Bad Bitch

Arresting and compelling Society Rejects encapsulates and distills perfectly The SoapGirls live energy and replicates perfectly the thrill of their live show.  The SoapGirls uncompromising brand of music has been labelled “Revolt Rock’, a mix of revolting and revolutionary music. “Put it this way if music was a hand, revolt rock would be the middle finger, it’s there to piss people off make them think in this fucked up world.”

“Stand up, you know you’ll be shot down, life’s free but you’re gonna pay somehow” sings Mille on the opening title track, setting the tone for the whole album about society and how it “rejects anyone that tries to question the system. We are sold a dream of being free when in actual fact we’re not, if you do not conform and follow the guidelines society sets out for you you are vilified and rejected”

The energetic and diverse Society’s Rejects is full of finely crafted songs and rock’n’roll attitude. With unforgettable melodies and catchy choruses, the fifteen musical nuggets on the album include previous singles as bonus tracks: the primal and emotional break up song Rather Be Dead and the Bad Bitch, a caustic slice of vitriolic rock’n’roll.

The SoapGirls also “bring humour to the situation with Party in Hell, life’s already fucked up so might as well rock the party however you like, the politicians are so why cant we?”

Society Rejects is “a kick in the face followed by a kiss, it’s raw dramatic angry and passionate with warped humour thrown in” and finds The SoapGirls at their full creative tilt delivering frenetic garage rock with heavy and psychedelic overtones with a modern twist.  Armed with a venomous swagger and catchy, riff-oriented guitar grind, backed up by their strong songwriting abilities, dedication and determination to their craft, The SoapGirls have earned them a formidable live reputation and this raucous force of nature with a love for screaming guitars, in your face bass, and raw vocals have delivered a statement of intent with their exceptional debut.


The striking artwork captures their vision and fights back for women rights “first of all society tells you to cover yourself and be ‘decent’ so in true SoapGirl fashion of course we weren’t gonna do that”.

Alluring, hypnotic and nonchalant The SoapGirls, the French born sisters Ca(Millie) and Noe(MIE) Debray, hail from South Africa and were given their name by the general public back in 2004.   “We’ve been The SoapGirls since we were 8 and 9 selling hand made soap and street performing for various causes, we did this 365 days of the year for 9 years”.  Displaced master musicians and political agitators – few can match the SoapGirls visceral sonic hypnotic beauty and soul.

Societys Rejects is a record from a band that have found their sound and is ready for the world to hear.  There’s always hope for a new dawn however dark the sky might seem!


Societys Rejects track listing

01. Societys Rejects

02. Jonny Rotten

03. Waters Edge

04. Party In Hell

05. Air

06. Step Outside

07. Original Sin 4:00

08. Sams on Crack

09. You hate Losing

10. Drag You down

11. Play with Fire

12. Break You

13. Bury Me

Bonus tracks:

14. Rather Be Dead

15. Bad Bitch

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Party In Hell UK tour

The SoapGirls’ will be touring the UK throughout  the summer under the name Party in Hell Tour, in support of the album. The Party In Hell Tour will see the band bring their unique brand of ‘Revolt Rock’ to venues across the UK, including The Camden Rocks Festival on June 3rd and The Rebellion Festival in August.

The SoapGirls are on a highway to hell and they want you to join them to Party In Hell.


The SoapGirls Party In Hell UK dates



The 22nd Hard Rock Cafe Live Room Glasgow

Fri 23rd Wildfire Festival

Sat 24th Gourock Bar

Wed 28th The Thunderbolt Bristol

Fri 30th The Doghouse Nottingham


Sat 1st Only Anarchists Are Pretty Grimsby Yardbirds

Thu 6th Lower George Inn

Fri 7th Festival Vic Bikers Club Coalville

Sat 8th Dares Bar Birmingham

Sun 9th  Sixfields Rock festival Rock and Bike

Fri14th Rock And Bike

Sat 15th New Cross Inn London

Fri  21st Surya , King Cross London

Sun 23th The Kingbilly Rock Bar Northampton

Thur 27th Arches  Coventry

Fri 28th Rigger  Stoke On Trent

Sat 29th Giffard Arms Wolverhampton


Tues 1st Fulford Arms  York

Thur 3rd  Rebellion Festival

Fri 4th Rebellion Festival / After show

Sat 5th The Venue  Selby

The SoapGirls Ireland dates


Fri 11th Fibbers  Ireland

Sun 13th Stags head  Dundalk

Thur 17th Hagans Bar & Bar Bella  Dungannon

Sat 19th Bogans Bar  Omagh

Tickets available from

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The SoapGirls turn up the heat with their new album “Society’s Rejects