Sydney Eloise & The Palms new holiday-themed video "Under My Tree"

Sydney Eloise & The Palms new holiday-themed video "Under My Tree"


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RIYL: Neko Case, Phil Spector, She & Him, George Harrison, Best Coast

Sydney Eloise & the Palms.

“☆☆☆☆” Creative Loafing
“Timeless and contemporary … utilizes a classic pop formula to perfection, making it sound fresh and vibrant.” – PopMatters

“Fifties girl group crooning and echo chamber drums, ’60s wall of sound, ’70s California canyon sway, ’80s laser-sharp production, ’90s alt-country twang, Aughts vocal callbacks from Neko Case to Jenny Lewis to Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. … Cherry-picks from 50 years of influences.” – NPR’s All Songs Considered

“Haunting and emotional … on par with Jenny Lewis’ best.” – Vents Magazine

“Complex … plays around with the idea of dual identity and masking oneself. Tape echo and Leslie swirl effects lend a musical symmetry to the lyrics’ tangled feelings.” – The Village Voice

“This very personal record deals heavily with the changing perspectives, personal growth and self-discovery that come during one’s 20s. … A timeless retro-pop sound in the spirit of Natalie Prass.” – Hear Ya

“Sydney Eloise & the Palms yearn for the golden age of pop—the ‘60s and ‘70s when Phil Spector reigned king—and they’re doing their best to put a modern spin on it. Mixing that with current influences like Rilo Kiley and up-and-coming indie darling Natalie Prass, Sydney’s debut album Faces is filled with lush instrumentation and whimsical vocal harmonies led by her sultry voice.” – PureVolume

“Music that borders on timelessness with ingredients of alt-country, soul and rock led by a pitch perfect voice.” – Glide Magazine

“Ambles along like the dusky moods of Neko Case dragged through some valerian root.” – CMJ

“A classic pop meets early ’00s indie-folk feel. … Sydney Eloise’s warm, clear voice, with its Southern inflection, remains the focal point.” – Culture Collide
“Eloise’s voice and indie-pop style is reminiscent of Jenny Lewis but flourishes of psychedelia and a Phil Spector-style wall of sound distinguish ‘Always Sailing’ from the pack—it’s the perfect pop song to end the summer with.” – Surviving the Golden Age

“Like Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino fronting Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Sydney Eloise’s sugary sweet vocals are blanketed by the Palms’ well-layered melodies and wistful rhythms.”
– Immersive Atlanta


Dec 16, 2015 — Sydney Eloise & the Palms have debuted their new Christmas-themed single “Under My Tree” at Immersive Atlanta. The song expands on the group’s previous efforts, plunging further into the Phil Spector-esque soundscapes and production techniques that characterized their critically acclaimed debut LP Faces. Under My Tree is the first song released since Faces came out earlier this year and is the first recording to feature the new six-member lineup of The Palms.
Just arriving home from their tour in support of new record Faces, Sydney Eloise & the Palms released “Under My Tree” just in time for the holiday season. The band took to the studio inspired by classic Christmas albums ranging from the Beach Boys to Bing Crosby. Of particular note, this is the first release from the newly expanded lineup of the Palms, which over the last year, has grown from Sydney and co-producers Damon Moon and Chandler Galloway to include Luke Smith, Will Pass and Kurt Wagner, who have expertly taken Faces from the studio to the stage.

New single “Under My Tree” is a West Coast pop psalm for a generation caught between nostalgia and post-postmodern reassessments of the role of traditions. The song is delivered with the delicate clarity of yeh-yeh girl Francoise Hardy, hip to the ambitious arrangements of Brian Wilson and the instant dream sequence vibes of Phil Spector’s echo chamber. Thematically, the idea of the “un-Christmas” carol is a familiar one, but in place of mockery or irony, “Under My Tree” treats listeners to a genuine telling of the real American Christmas story: “Just one more day ’til the family is here / Dad’s already drank a whole case of beer / I hide behind the red dress mom picked, but I don’t like.” It stirs up memories of our own expectations of what the holidays could be when we were young and everything was new. “We all sat around and shared Christmas stories one night,” Sydney says, “and I realized our most lasting memories are not the snow-globe scenes from the movies. We started to piece together this kind of screwed up patchwork quilt of funny holiday stories, and that developed into a song.”

The kaleidoscope analogy that has been used to describe the band’s sound is certainly accurate here, with a restless life’s worth of sights and sounds swirling around a central idea, never landing in one place for too long, and never quite settling on one perspective. This is a hallmark of Sydney Eloise & The Palms. “It’s the holidays / I know I should be grateful / So I guess I’ll force a smile tonight”—through these tiny glimpses of a larger narrative, Sydney Eloise spins a story that will hit close to home. This time of year is never going to look like the cover of the Target catalog, but it creates deeply ingrained memories that becomes a more lasting gift than anything with ribbons and bows on top.

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Sydney Eloise & The Palms new holiday-themed video "Under My Tree"