Viking Skull – Cursed By The Sword

Bands like Dream Theatre and Rush go out of their way to capture your imagination with their genius, where as other bands capture your imagination by being as subtle as a sledge hammer. Viking Skull are one of the others.
The band formed in 2002 from ex members of well known and loved British Hardcore mob Raging Speedhorn and have had 6 releases to date ( a mix of EP’s and full lengths). Cured By The Sword will be the seventh release by the band and their first with the Transcend Music Group company.
Viking Skull are an all out rock and roll band who thank fuck don’t take themselves too seriously. They know that the music they produce needs to deliver but they don’t have to be up themselves whilst delivering these monster tracks.
Songs like You Look Like I Need A Beer is an anthem for any drunken singleton who hasn’t pulled on a night out. With its simplistic rock and roll riff that comes with a metal edge it is the perfect compliment to the fun loving lyrics (they go together like cheese and tomato).
The other stand out track is the lovely title My Bitch Talks Too Much. This is another song that encompasses the old school rock and roll edge of bands like AC/DC whilst given it a heavier undertone.
Viking Skull wont be winning any award in the near future for being the most original band who have created the next Sgt Peppers album but they can sleep tight knowing that they have created an excellent album that is sure to do well with any lover of heavy metal. 8/10

Chris Storey