9 March Elle Mary & The Bad Men debut album

9 March Elle Mary & The Bad Men debut album


release debut album ‘Constant Unfailing Night’

– out 9 March 2018 on Sideways Saloon / Kartel –

“dark, electric, spidery noir-rock” – Loud & Quiet

“Striking folk-noir, her work recalls Jenny Hval or even Sharon Van Etten in it’s ability to proces the world the world around her” – Clash

http://www.ellemarymusic.com/ https://m.facebook.com/ellemarymusic/


Watch / stream / post video for ‘Behave’ here

On 9 March 2018 Elle Mary & The Bad Men are to release their debut album. Called ‘Constant Unfailing Night’, the 9 track album follows the release of the ‘Bloom In Thickened Skin’ EP, and showcases the beautiful, stunning and arresting voice of haunting folk-noir singer songwriter Elle Mary.

Listen to the ‘Bloom In Thickened Skin’ EP here (tracklisting for the EP:1. Behave 2. Undead 3. Ocean 4. Pretend):

https://soundcloud.com/kartel/sets/elle-mary-the-bad-men-bloom-in/s-ylRIv https://ellemaryandthebadmen.lnk.to/Bloom


Currently residing in Manchester where she launched and ran The Folk Cellar for two years, Elle Mary started out as an acoustic folk singer, and her debut album ‘Constant Unfailing Night’ sees her wear her heart and colour her emotions on her sleeve. The record started in response to a break up, morphing into a beautiful journey via the process of grief through which Elle Mary found inspiration and rejuvenation, leaving her previous folk textures behind as she picked up the electric guitar and transformed into the darker, spidery Elle Mary & The Bad Men. This is what lies beneath the subtle tension that tugs at the heart of her and The Bad Men’s acoustically-webbed slowcore minimalism.

“I’ve moved from folk to this ‘heavy noir’ or whatever you want to call it. The Bad Men, Michael Dubec and Pete Sitch have joined me on this journey and probably know me too well as a result of it. The weight they add to the songs is incredible and I really couldn’t ask for a better band” says Elle Mary.

From the empowering ‘Behave’ (‘Video of The Week’ on God Is In The TV Zine), a song about suppressed rage which sees the singer find strength in saying what she really wants to an ex-lover “I pen your name, Try to find a delicate way, To ask you, To ask you, To go, Fuck yourself”, the satirical look into flings in the dreamy and experimental ‘Pretend’ and the emotional complexity of the brooding ‘Happiness’, ‘Constant Unfailing Night’ is a deeply personal piece of work. The album is dedicated to the singer’s late father; his passing; her mourning; his story telling; their shared memories; as is evident in the heart-wrenching ‘Undead’ “Bloom, In thickened skin, Awaken, A peace within” and the jangly ‘Later’ which brings the record to a close.

The one consistent throughout Elle Mary’s musical metamorphosis, and what pulls you into her compelling world, is the use of space. “Space and a minimal approach have always been the most important part of the music to me, to do more with less. It’s this that draws me in the most about the artists I love (Low, Julie Doiron, Bill Callahan etc.). This allows for my voice to sit on top and the words seep in”, says the singer.

Elle Mary has performed with Low, La Luz, Jenny Hval, Daniel Knox, Dan Michaelson, Smoke Fairies, Jo Rose, Tara Jane O’Neil, as well as playing a house concert tour of Europe and acclaimed shows throughout UK. Capturing  these spellbinding live performances, the album was recorded at Queen’s Ark Studio in Levenshulme and the beautiful 80Hertz, “it was very simple, we didn’t do too many overdubs or anything as I like the sound to be as close to what it would be live. I find it more honest”, says the Welsh born songstress.

Elle Mary & The Bad Men are currently lining up a UK Tour in support of the album’s release.

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9 March Elle Mary & The Bad Men debut album