A Chat With The View

A Chat With The View

As The View release their new album ‘Cheeky For A Reason!’ We caught up with guitarist Pete Reilly and bassist Kieren Webster backstage at RockNess for a chat about vintage recording techniques and not getting caught…

How does RockNess compare to the likes of Leeds & Reading?

“The scenery is picturesque and the Scottish crowds go mental!”

Do you get a better reception in Scotland?

“Definitely! The Scottish are passionate about their own, that’s not to say we get a bad reception anywhere else though”

Are the crowds noticeably different throughout the UK?

“Generally the further north you go in England the crowds get wilder, but down in London they can go pretty nuts as well.”

What are you planning in terms of your setlist tonight, will we get to hear much from the new album?

“Were going to be playing about 4 off the new record, but hopefully people will know some of it as one was a free download”

You gave away ‘Hold On Now’ as a free mp3, is giving away free songs actually an incentive for people to buy the album?

“Seems to be, there’s not really a place for singles with a band like us so it’s all about the album. It’s an advert and people are interested in free stuff! If people hear it and then come along to the gigs then it’s worth it.”

What can we expect from the new album?

“The sound of it has loads of character, the way we recorded it was all vintage gear onto tape. There’s only three places in Britain where you can record onto tape. It sounds old school and definitely gives a raw edge to our sound.”

What bands influenced that vintage sound?

“Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones those bands that just sound raw and real.”

As you release your 4th album, what advice would you give to new bands just starting out?

“Don’t get caught!”

We won’t refer to the incident (google it if you’re unaware!) but did notoriety help you or has it hindered your success in America & Japan?

“Aye that hindered us in America and still does, we’ve had to cancel two tours now.”


words: Jamie Gambino

Photos: Phil Hutchinson

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A Chat With The View