A Final Glimpse of the Once Beating Heart of Soho / Documentary Film Shared

A Final Glimpse of the Once Beating Heart of Soho / Documentary Film Shared

A Final Glimpse of the Once Beating Heart of Soho

London, UK – 3rd June 2015 –

Release of a raw, intimate documentary film about Soho’s iconic 12 Bar Club in the heart of London – A RIOT OF OUR OWN.  Featuring exclusive interviews and performances, including footage of the last ever shows there, through to gutting and locking up the place, and onto the squatters who subsequently occupied the building afterwards.  This is a behind-the-scenes look at what was a major news story, and one that continues to divide communities as the redevelopment of the area draws on. Denmark St is an integral part of London culture; seeped in legendary music, and something that had, up until recently, continued to hold great importance in London’s live music scene – something that The Capital is world-renowned for.  The 12 Bar Club was the central community hub of the whole area, and has been the most recent business to see its doors closed for the final time as the bulldozers move in to make way for something that the community there doesn’t need or want.  As the only existing in-depth document of this legendary venue, this important film serves as a love story about how we find and make our own culture, community and family.

It was never going to end quietly, was it?

The 12 Bar revelled in its raw honesty (which extended to its toilet cleaning policy), which has all been captured in its truest form. Live music is something people live for, and through this film that feeling is shared.  Armed with one small camera, some makeshift lighting, a pair of excellently made earplugs and a determination to experience it all, filmmaker Tali Clarke spent 1 month based at the venue.  Here she captured candid interviews with musicians, staff and patrons, recorded live shows, and filmed with the squatters from the Occupy Democracy movement who moved in after its closure, right up until their court case at the Royal Courts of Justice.  The venue and the music it nurtured not only inspired a whole community to sing, dance, shout, laugh and cry, but to fight for what they believed in; it became a symbol of unrelenting realness, as something of the people for the people in a changing society that increasingly feels like it’s being taken from us and sold off piece by piece.

Much like the venue itself, A RIOT OF OUR OWN is a loud, beer soaked, visceral little film that documents the history, the music, the people and their voices.

A RIOT OF OUR OWN has already garnered a lot of interest from people worldwide, with blog posts appearing from Paris to Melbourne, as well as some major UK names such as Noisey/Vice, Red Bull UK and Londonist.

Tali Clarke is a London based filmmaker with a lively background in music.  As well making her own independent films, she has been working as a freelancer and collaborating with various artists on projects such as music videos, video art installations, documentary and experimental film for around 10 years.  Always one to follow her passions, and with a genuine interest in people and their stories, she has found her niche in intimate documentary filmmaking, bearing the hearts of the people she finds as well as her own.

The film in its entirety can be viewed here, and you are invited to embed and share this link on any online platform:

Please contact Tali directly via the contact details on the top of this page for any further information, interviews or production stills.

© June 2015 Tali Clarke

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A Final Glimpse of the Once Beating Heart of Soho / Documentary Film Shared