A Pale Horse Named Death – In Conversation

A Pale Horse Named Death – In Conversation

ApalehorsecdmenuA Pale Horse Named Death is the brain child of Sal Abruscato (forming member of Type O Negative) and sound similar to the likes of Alice In Chains and Black Label Society. Sal works with Matt Brown in the studio but live the band also consists of ex members of Type O Negative and Biohazard to create an onslaught of metal mayhem.


Apalehorsecdshot1Sal recently took time out of the bands busy schedule to have a little chat with Chris Storey.

First off guys can I say how awesome the recent album is, I was completely blown away by the preview I received of it and it got played repeatedly on my laptop.

"Thank you for the warm compliments, I am thrilled at the response."

Anyways are you guys pleased with the record overall?

"I am totally pleased with it all, probably the best album for me personally."

Although the studio is a good place to get songs onto a hard format so fans can listen to it do you guys still prefer the live aspect of being a band over being in the studio?

"I love the studio an well as the live act. I treat them as 2 different animals where in the studio I get to experiment like a scientist and live its just straight up balls out on the stage."

You have been described in a similar genre to bands such as Alice In Chains, how does that feel?

"That is a huge compliment and I am honoured to described similar to AIC"

What do you think is more important in the song writing process, lyrics or the music itself?

"Both are equally as important to me, they must work hand in hand."

ApalehorsecdliveshotWith the band having a different set up live to in the studio how does the song writing process actually work for you guys?

"I write the songs and lyrics on a rough template, I do the arrangements and the orchestration, then me and Matt rerecord them for better sound quality."

What made you guys choose the musicians that you chose for the live band itself?, were you already friends or have you guys always wanted to play in a live setting with this group of musicians?

"Kind of just fell together, Me & Matt Brown are partners so that was easy, Bobby Hambel did 3 guitar solos on the album so he was our next choice to ask. Johnny was interested so we called him, and Eric I know from a long time ago and asked him to try out."

Are there any bands that you guys are excited about on the current Metal scene?

"Not really to be honest."

If you guys could tour with any band who would it be?

"Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains."ApalehorsenamedDeathshot2

You guys are a heavy band but is there any other types of music that influences your music that fans of yours would not expect you to be influenced by?

"The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, My Bloody Valentine, The Doors."

What are the current plans for the rest of the year?

"Doing a 2 week tour in Europe in August and then should be a US tour in the fall if all goes well. I will tour if the demand is there and I can afford to leave home."

Is there any chance of seeing you guys in the UK anytime soon as that would be awesome?

"I would love to tour the UK, I hope so soon. Maybe do a 2 week tour."

If you do anything this summer it should be to check out A Pale Horse Named Death. Scrap going to any festivals, crack you tent up in your back garden, buy a slab of beer and put their CD on full blast. It’ll be much better than going to an event like Sonisphere, you’ll save money and if it rains you can go in the house and listen to the CD there as well.


A great song by a soon to be ‘a must see’ or at the very least, heard.
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A Pale Horse Named Death – In Conversation