Addie Brik 8 September track precedes new album

Addie Brik 8 September track precedes new album


Addie Brik releases a brand new track ‘Here Comes The Lover’

on 8 September 2017.

(photograph by Terri Phillips)


In advance of her new album, writer, singer and producer Addie Brik is to release a new track called ‘Here Comes The Lover’ on 8 September 2017.  The track is taken from her forthcoming album, ‘I Have A Doctor On Board’, due for release later in the year.


Listen to ‘Here Comes The Lover’ (Edit) here:


Hailing from Savannah Georgia, Addie Brik relocated to the UK in 1998 and now resides in Scotland.

She started writing poetry in her teens. This led to the prestigious Naropa Institute where she was mentored by Allen Ginsberg and famed CBS journalist, John Steinbeck Jr.

She was bitten by the performance bug when she joined a young artist’s troupe on Francis Ford Coppola’s lot at Zoetrope with such luminaries as Ed Harris and produced and acted in a production of Sam Shepard’s ‘Cowboy Blues’ there.

Her interests have embraced other arts but early on she realized her best form of expression was through words and music. Peter Gabriel discovered her demo tape, which led to a deal with Geffen Records with Andy Gill (Gang of Four) producing.

Her collaborations and co-writes include work with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Simple Minds, Deacon Blue, Plaid, Tarwater, Wendy and Lisa, Sugarhill Gang, Luke Vibert, BJ Cole, members of Funkadelic, Fishbone, Maxim Rysanov, Andrei Samsonov, HB Barnum (Aretha Franklin’s legendary writer and arranger), Kate St. John and John Philip Shenale.

In 2017 Addie Brik completed work on her new album ‘I Have A Doctor On Board’ that is due for release later in the year. Recorded in Glasgow and written in a small room, overlooking the Firth of Clyde at home in Troon, Scotland, the album is based around a series of interviews she had with an inventor and a lifeboat captain in Scotland.

It puts technology in a sailboat and features songs about freedom, curiosity and community.

‘Here Comes The Lover’

Written by Addie Brik and Gus Isidore

Guitars Gus Isidore

Vocal Addie Brik

Harmony vocal Addie Brik, Pam Canada

Bass Euan Burton

Drums Louis Abbott

Programming, keys  John Philip Shenale

Mix Chem 19, Paul Savage, Glasgow – Single edit by Oli Jacobs, Real World, Box, Mastering, Guy Davie at Electric Mastering, London

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Addie Brik 8 September track precedes new album