Album Review; Elimination – ‘The Blood Of Titans’

Album Review; Elimination – ‘The Blood Of Titans’

‘The Blood Of Titans’


Elimination_promo_1bElimination are British thrash metal band hailing from Ipswich. Blood Of Titans contains nine tracks and will be released through Transcend Music on November 28th 2011.

After reading through the press release for Elimination and seeing that they had “progressed beyond the confinements of their previous THRASH tag” I feel that I must alter my email settings. I already have a spam filter for junk email and now I feel that I must have some form of “blatant lie” filter.

This is not an attack upon the band themselves but if anything the entire nine track album is pure thrash metal. Actually that is a lie it is not a nine track album, its an eight track album plus an intro track. Too many bands feel they are being original by putting an intro track on their album, for a live performance an intro is great and sets the scene, but for an album it’s a no no. Stop being lazy and write another song!!!

Anyways back to the CD in question. Needless to say all the tracks are well written and brutal but the album to my ears is nothing more than no nonsense thrash metal. I can imagine middle aged men circling in a rock club and proceeding to windmill their heads whilst mimicking their best air guitar impression.

Tracks such as “Echoes Of An Underpass” and “Prisoner Of Tomorrow” show off the bands musicianship and if I’m honest I could imagine hearing the songs played on any rock radio station as well as any Download or Blood Stock festival.

If you are a fan of thrash (its pretty obvious from this review that I’m not) then these guys are defiantly for you, the fit the prototype set out by their predecessors to the very last detail. If you like your heavy music with more layers and diversity then this is not for you.

For fans of Evile/Warbringer/Slayer 4/10

Chris Storey

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Album Review; Elimination – ‘The Blood Of Titans’