Album Review; Judas Priest – ‘The Chosen few’

Album Review; Judas Priest – ‘The Chosen few’

Judas_Priest_The-Chosen-Few_coverJudas Priest –
‘The Chosen Few’
Sony Music

judas-priest-chosen-few-corbisJudas Priest are a band who have toured the planet dozens of times and sold millions of albums world wide. Who would have thought that a few lads from Birmingham would achieve so much after their formation in 1969?

The Chosen Few is essentially a greatest hits album but it has a little twist to it. Every one of the songs featured on The Chosen Few has been selected by rock stars themselves. Rockers such as Ozzy Osbourne and Corey Taylor have chosen what they feel is their favourite Priest track.

Classics such as Breaking The Law as well as Diamonds And Rust are obvious stand outs where as songs like Living After Midnight remind us why legions of metal-heads fell in love with this band.

The only thing that is missing from this album is the mighty tune that is actually called “Heavy Metal”. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed to say the least as that is my favourite Judas Priest song.

Although as I’ve said this is essentially a fancy greatest hits package it’s a must have for any avid Judas Priest fan or for any young metal fan who want to find out more about the routes of heavy metal.

I’ll give the album 10/10 for being full of great metal hits but in reality it only deserves 7/10 for it only being a greatest hits package.

Chris Storey

If there is anyone left who has not watched this live version!
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Album Review; Judas Priest – ‘The Chosen few’