Pagan’s Mind – ‘Heavenly Ectasy’

Pagan’s Mind – ‘Heavenly Ectasy’

paganmenuPagan’s Mind
‘Heavenly Ecstasy’
SPV /Steamhammer

Pagans Mind 973013Norwegian metallers Pagan’s Mind are set to release their fifth studio album “Heavenly Ecstasy” on May 23rd through SPV/Steamhammer records. If you are after intense power metal with soul and meaning then Pagan’s Mind are the band for you.

A description of bands that are similar to Pagan’s Mind would be too difficult so imagine Testament having a bar brawl with Dragonforce and you are nearly there. This 11 track masterpiece is not for the faint hearted as it is an intense ride of songs that regularly go over the five minute mark.

Unlike standard “power metal” for want of a better category these guys have an aspect that is some what lacking in their well exposed colleagues of the genre. What’s that I hear you ask? That would be the ability to write a chorus that grabs you by the balls (or the chesticles if you are a lady).

Chorus’ in songs such as “Intermission” and “Eyes Of Fire” have hooks that although extreme are as easy on the ear as any song you would find on an album named “America’s Greatest Driving Anthems” that you would see in a HMV bargain bin.

After looking past the fast paced songs on this album there is an underlying essence of great musicianship between the band members. If you take away the guitar solo’s and extreme double bass drum you could imagine these songs being played on an acoustic guitar.

This in some cases is the key to great song writing. Strip away all of the aspects that defy it as metal and underneath you have great melodies with lyrics that could go with any genre. This is shown in songs “Live Your Life Like A Dream” and “When Angels Unite” on this album which are more pop based than the other tracks on the album.

All in all this album is epic and a must have for Metal Fans. These guys will be touring the UK in support of the release of “Heavenly Ecstasy” I suggest you check them out, or otherwise regret it.

Chris Storey

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Pagan’s Mind – ‘Heavenly Ectasy’