album Review; The Spills – ‘Occem’s Razor’

album Review; The Spills – ‘Occem’s Razor’

The Spills
‘Occem’s Razor’

The-Spills_photo_1dThe Spills are a 4-piece from Wakefield who became friends at school through their mutual love of music. I’m new to the band, and I must admit that before I put this album on I read a little about the band and thought to myself, o another Indie band that will sound just like the last one, well I was wrong. This is an album that comes jumping out of a crowded market and screams to be noticed, and it’s from a band who I can’t comfortably call indie because they are simply not that.

‘Occem’s Razor’ opens with the track ‘Lockets’ which is a song that will gently caress you into a relaxed rocker before a big finish that slaps you in the chops and makes you wanna see what this band can do. That slap is quickly followed by a shot of adrenalin when the track ‘Summer Vibes’ kicks in, the song moves fast and feels like a pop/rock classic that will be the sound track to many long summer days. By now this band has you in no doubt that they can put a good song together, but just in case the track ‘Spring Coil’ ups the tempo again and shows the bands hard rocking side that sits somewhere between Nirvana and Weezer. By now this album has got you, so strap in and enjoy this rollercoaster of rock.

The next few tracks on the album continue to showcase the hard rocking side of the band that is driven by outstanding vocals and backed up by music that refuses to be pinned down.

The short but sweet track ‘Silver Bullets’ slows things down and leads the album nicely in a different direction where the band can show off their less hard (but in no way soft) side. This side of the band really shows off every member and every instrument seems to get its own time to shine. I don’t think this is intentional; it’s just what happens when a band knows how to put a song together well. The album closes with the track ‘Concrete’ which is a song of highs and lows, the song is slow and steady but just when you think this album is gonna bow out on a nice peaceful number a guitar screams at you and finishes the album off in style.

‘Occem’s Razor’ is the band’s debut album and is an outstanding effort; nothing on this album is on there to fill space, each track offers something to the album and shows off this bands undeniable talent. I hope to see a lot more of The Spills very soon and if the music world has any taste then I know I will. 8/10
Chris Brown

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album Review; The Spills – ‘Occem’s Razor’