Album Review; Whitemare – ‘Snider’

Album Review; Whitemare – ‘Snider’


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whitemare_promo_1dWhitemare are a four piece, grimy, punk rock and roll outfit featuring ex members of Johnny Truant, Architects and Centurion. Upon reading this line in their press release I already thought the band were on to a winner before giving them a listen.

The album consists of eleven in your face tracks and barely reaches over 15 minutes in length. Needless to say these are some fast tracks, the longest being a mere two and a half minutes.

Whitemare take the aspects from the bands they are previously known for and combine them into an in your face rock and roll outfit, although they are not the most original act on the circuit.

Sporting vocals reminiscent of Trash Talk and Cancer Bats as well as grooves that could be mistaken as that of Every Time I Die these guys give it their all but not much makes them stand out from the crowd. Yes these guys are all from well known bands through out the world but they still have to work and home their craft.

Highlights on this album are the tracks ‘Buzzkill’ and the thirty second long epic that is ‘Fabio’. For anyone who likes rock music that is fast paced and in your face then this will be right up your beer soaked/denim clad alley.

If Whitemare take some chances and play the right shows they could soon be up their in the big leagues where two of the members previous bands once stood (Johnny Truant and Centurion) and where one of the bands still stands mighty (Architects). 7/10

Chris Storey

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Album Review; Whitemare – ‘Snider’