ZOROASTER – ‘Matador’

ZOROASTER – ‘Matador’


SPV / Steamhammer www.spv.de

This is the fourth album by Atlanta Georgia based three piece Zoroaster that is set to be released on April 18th through Steam hammer/SPV records. What can I say? If you like your Metal crammed with monstrous riffs and earth shattering grooves whilst still being moody and in your face these guys are not what you should be listening to, they are what you NEED to be listen to.

Since their inception in 2003 Zoroaster have been labelled as nothing but a standard doom metal band, but with this upcoming release they are set to shatter all stereotypes and show the world what they are all about. If I’m honest I feel I am unable to put how good these guys are into words.

Infamous three pieces include the likes of Motorhead and Nirvana as well as The Melvins and hopefully the guys in Zoroaster should be held up in the same light as these world famous bands within the coming years. Although only a three piece these three hairy, tattooed gentlemen show that even though they have a limited amount of members their sound does not need to be hindered by this.

Riffs such as that in their songs ‘Trident’ and ‘Black Hole’ challenge anything that has been masterminded by hardcore acts such as Every Time I Die where as their guitar solo’s challenge the greatest of guitar gods out there. When it comes to the vocals these are relatively low in the mix but this all adds to the mood set by the onslaught of intense musicianship behind them.

For anyone interested in checking these guys out they will be playing The Well in Leeds on April 17th as well as The Underworld in London on April 18th as part of their European tour with Weed Eater. Their album, ‘Matador’ would be of interest  to any fans of Mastodon and Crowbar could not do better than go to www.zoroasterrocks.com. 9/10 Chris Storey

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ZOROASTER – ‘Matador’