Aloud – ‘Sex & Sun’ (Open/Ministry of Sound)

Aloud – ‘Sex & Sun’ (Open/Ministry of Sound)

Described by Pete Tong as “The Darkness of dance”, there’s no denying that Aloud have got that whole French penchant for taking the whole thing way too seriously,

sounding naffly pretentious and yet still somehow getting away with it. And they’ve got it in spades. Sounding like Daft Punk (very much in fact) with some the lead

singer of Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts on vocals and with some of the most ludicrous vocals known to man “Did it together – Driving The Bob O’Lean Insane” – what the hell

does that mean? Somehow or another though – its summery, its electronic, its wacky but just about credible.

‘Sex & Sun’ will be played in every taverna on Costa del Plonk and ‘Rocky XIII’, stupid though it is still a damn sight more fun than most of its throwaway Ibiza foddering Ilk. Being recorded completely on antique equipment probably helps. Give them an “Air” of style… if you’ll pardon the pun.  Camp as knickers, sexy as a thong. 7.6

Chris Merriman

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Aloud – ‘Sex & Sun’ (Open/Ministry of Sound)