Ampline: Have Gun. Will Travel

Ampline: Have Gun. Will Travel

Ampline are about to embark on a European Tour, WithGuitars found out about life on the road and their “Loud, Explosive, Visceral, Sweaty” live show

Do you have a tour preparation? How do you psyche yourself for going on tour?
Rick: “We don’t get to tour as much as we’d like these days.  So just having the opportunity to travel and play music with my friends is motivation enough for me.”
Kevin: “I would say that we work so hard and so we put in sooo many overtime hours in prep of a tour like this, that the tour itself is a well deserved release.. We bust our asses to make this happen.. Because we genuinely love doing this.”

What is the Ampline dream rider? Do you have any unusual requests?
Rick:  We’ve played enough venues where such luxuries are not even an option, so we are ecstatic when any venues/promoters take an effort at all to make us feel at home.  Our friends the Dopamines might have said it best with the name of their album “Expect The Worst…”

Ok so you can take 5 CDs on the tour bus what do you take? (Presuming your phone/tablet  battery has died/no wifi etc)
Kevin: “Neil young
Pink Floyd
The Specials”

The Specials – Gangsters

What are your favourite things to do on a non show day
Kevin: “We hate days off.. We insist on trying to play everyday.. Days off cost money.. And if we are on the road.. We would rather play.. We can sleep and shower when we get home.. Very rarely do we have a day off.. We do this to play live.  And As much as we can…”
Rick: “I think that all depends which city we’re in.  But we typically try to NEVER have “off days” on our tours.  We try to play every day.”

Pick 5 new bands that would make good tour buddies / support acts for Ampline
Rick: “I think we’d have a blast touring with BELLS≥, Buffalo Killers, Hyrrokkin, Knife The Symphony and Daikaiju (again).  They’re all super cool dudes, and it would be a blast to get to watch them each night.
Kevin: “Daikaiju
Knife the symphony
Alone at 3am
The Vibrolas”

Knife The Symphony – Dystonia

What is the best show you have played?
Kevin: “That’s a tough one because it depends what you value as a good show.. Attendance? Or quality of the way we play? Or who you are sharing a bill with? We love to play and approach every show the same way,, like it’s our last time.. We are really lucky to have played with our idols and influences (I.e mike watt, mission of burma, agent orange etc), and we have played large festivals like lollapalooza. But put us in a hot crowded basement.. And we gel.”

Rick: “We’re lucky that we’ve had a lot of great shows, especially in the last few years.  In the states and in the EU.  Some of the shows we played on our last EU tour with Atomic Garden were really cool.  Some of the shows we played on our recent US tours with Daikaiju have been completely insane.  It’d be nearly impossible to pick just one!”

And the worst?
Kevin: “Any daytime outside show.. Hard to turn off the internal dialogue and fade away in the sunshine.

What cities are you looking forward to playing this month
Rick: “ALL OF THEM!  I think we’ve only been to one of the cities that we’re playing on this upcoming tour.  So we’re super stoked to visit all of these new places!”

What can we expect from Ampline live?
”Rick: A very explosive, visceral experience.  You might get a little sweaty too (I know we will).”

Kevin: 3 humble dudes,, who play very loud,  with good tones, dynamically tight twists and turns in every song.. And a lot of sweat.. Did I mention LOUD and tight..
Ampline – Lowlight

You can catch the loud and sweaty Ampline at the following shows;
Ampline UK & EU Tour Dates
Newcastle, UK @ The Head Of Steam
w/ Big Fail, Knots

Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
w/ Mike Watt & The Missingmen

Sheffield, UK @ The Harley
w/ Mike Watt & The Missingmen, Bloodsport, Che Ga Zebra

Brixton, UK @ The Windmill
w/ Shopping, Flamingods, The Graphite Set, Just Handshakes, Witching Waves, Firestations, As Ondas
** SOUNDSXP Presents: The Bad Friday All-Dayer**

Exeter, UK @ Cavern
w/ Delooze

Freiburg, DE @ The White Rabbit
Arnhem, NL @ Luxor Live
w/ Biarritz Boys, Basura

The Hague, NL @ HPC Cafe

Castricum, NL @ De Bakkerij

Amsterdam, NL @ De Nieuwe Anita

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Ampline: Have Gun. Will Travel