AMULET – Cut The Crap 7” (Bad Omen Records)

AMULET – Cut The Crap 7” (Bad Omen Records)

This young five piece formed in 2011 and are inspired by 70s classic metal. On the eve of releasing their debut album, they rerelease their long sold out 4-track 7” Cut The Crap.

Opener Running Out Of Time typifies their sound in being doomy and riff laden – very much up the street of Black Sabbath and Metallica. There are some strong riffs, it’s a good track, but the (excellent) guitar solo is somewhat lost under the riffs and the overall muddled mix.

Black Magic Attack is more American in sound, the vocals are high and hint Hammers Rule or Heavy Pettin’ (only a lot of heavier).

The Hangman is again Sabbath oriented, and a better track in that the riffs sit back and grind, and not muddling the solo so much.

Final track Sign Of The Priest has a Samson feel to the guitar, but the bass riff mid song is definitely Geezer.

Some good songs here, solid, pounding, but the fuzz is overplayed and the mix is a little muddy. 6.9/10

Joe Geesin

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AMULET – Cut The Crap 7” (Bad Omen Records)