The Anchoress shares video for ‘One For Sorrow’

The Anchoress shares video for ‘One For Sorrow’



“There are shades of PJ Harvey and the dark romance of Lana Del Rey but Davies is making music like nobody else at the moment”NME
Today, The Anchoress unveils the video for ‘One For Sorrow’. Made up of archive footage that Catherine Anne Davies compiled from the Prelinger archive of instructional films from the 1950s on marriage, human reproduction and domesticity, the finished video is a Homeland-inspired collaboration with Beatcast.


Davies: “It sees my original film collage projected onto a series of “brides through the ages”, also featuring my not at all Miss Havisham-esque extensive vintage wedding dress collection (in reference to the song’s lyrical feminist manifesto).”
The ‘One For Sorrow’ EP is the second release from The Anchoress – a new project from Welsh multi-instrumentalist Davies, co-produced with Paul Draper (Mansun). The single won Steve Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist by a landslide victory this week, ensuring daytime radio play for the single across BBC Radio 6 Music this week.

Earlier this week, published an essay by Davies on the subject of what the term ‘Lynchian’ actually means today, in the wake of the announcement about the return of Twin Peaks

an·cho·ress [ang-ker-is] noun
A woman who is an anchorite – a person who lives in seclusion, esp a religious recluse; hermit; one who has retired from the world.
‘Long Year’ was mixed by Gareth Jones (Merchandise/Depeche Mode/Interpol) and will be released as part of the ‘One For Sorrow’ EP on 3rd November 2014 via Hiraeth/PIAS as a limited edition 12” vinyl and special edition CD with romance novel. The EP follows debut single ‘What Goes Around’ – which riffed on everything from Newtonian law to medieval philosophy, as you might expect from a musician with a PhD – and is the second taste of the forthcoming debut album Confessions of a Romance Novelist (due for release in early 2015).
Paul Draper helped to capture the collection of songs on which Catherine played a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, flute, omnichord, mellotron, wurlitzer, glockenspiel, and celeste, as well as multi-tracking up to 25 vocal harmonies on some of the songs. Yet, recording was interrupted by a series of events that threatened to derail the project completely, including Catherine injuring her hand so badly during a 48-hour recording session that she was told she might not play again and had to wear a metal cast for 6 months. She says:
“This has been made on a wing and a prayer, lots of favours, one car crash, one death, one broken hand, and a lot of patience on so many parts. Stir in 3 jobs, 4 studios, 1 arrest, 3 pianos, 40 songs and 1 very patient engineer… and you get some way to understanding what a long road it has been….”
‘One For Sorrow’ EP tracklisting

1. One For Sorrow
2. Once Upon A Lie
3. Long Year
4. One For Sorrow (Philip Reach Requiem Mix)

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The Anchoress shares video for ‘One For Sorrow’