Andy Summers – Triboluminescence (Flickering Shadow)

Andy Summers – Triboluminescence (Flickering Shadow)

Best known for his work with The Police, guitarist Summers has kept busy since the band’s split, if
lesser well known as Sumner or Copeland.

Prior to The Police, Andy worked with Kevin Coyne, The Animals and Zoot Money, while post Police
he started a notable solo career in 1987, collaborated on many film soundtracks, and worked with
Robert Fripp and Kevin Ayers.

An instrumental affair, multi-instrumentalist Summers plays everything here, bar Artyom
Manukyan’s Cello part on ‘Garden Of The Sea’.

His 14th solo album, the opening track ‘If Anything’ is slow and atmospheric, and the guitar is equally
searing. There are some deft touches here, as there are on the title track, which initially has a
Japanese feel. The bass comes over well, a nice line under the guitar, the other sounds something
for the guitar to work over.

Any Summers’ skill on the other instruments does not match that of the guitar, but that is made up
for in arrangement and song writing.

There are plenty of effects throughout, some a little jangly, experimental; this mixes alternative and
atmospheric, with some new world music, and the odd nod to King Crimson playing freeform.
There’s a definite Robert Fripp influence at times.

It’s a good listen but one dependent on the state of mind, it’s a guitarist’s album that doesn’t flow
like most rock albums. 7.5/10

Joe Geesin

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Andy Summers – Triboluminescence (Flickering Shadow)