Anna Rose – Behold A Pale Horse (Out Now)

Anna Rose – Behold A Pale Horse (Out Now)

New York based rocker Anna Rose unleashes her second album soon and this title track gives us a taste of how she has evolved as an artist.

Coming from a much darker place than her first record ‘Nomad’ the album title ‘Behold A Pale Horse’ is a phrase taken from The Book Of Revelations and is a representation of death.
Not that Anna has gone EMO this majestic, haunting single is a showcase for her soulful voice and classic guitar playing.

Citing influences ranging from Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin to The Stooges and Nick Cave, these elements and more are evident in this single.

As the classic rock guitar hooks build to a crescendo, Anna’s powerhouse vocal ebbs and flows. Behold A Pale Horse is a big record and reveals astounding maturity in it’s sound & scope.

On the strength of this I’d say Anna Rose has certainly arrived. 8.5/10

Jamie Gambino

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Anna Rose – Behold A Pale Horse (Out Now)