Anna’s Anchor Lights Up Your Life With ‘Signal Tower’

Anna’s Anchor Lights Up Your Life With ‘Signal Tower’

Irish emo-indie act unveils quirky, location hopping video single

7th June 2016: Irish native Marty, the solo artist behind emo meets indie punk act Anna’s Anchor, is very proud of his country. Currently on a tour from its most Southerly to Northern-most point, he will have literally travelled the length and breadth of the country, playing in his own words: “places no punk band has ever gone before and ever will (for good reason)!”. The run itself was inspired by filming for the video‘Signal Tower’, which sees release today and can be viewed here. Marty explains, “We said we’d go to as many landmarks as possible in 4 days. We filmed for 14 hours straight each day, travelled 1300 miles and visited 200 locations. It’s the ultimate Irish road trip incorporated into one short music video!
Location-hoping is a recurrent theme throughout Anna’s Anchor’s history, with last summer seeing completion of ‘The Island’s Project’. Marty describes, “In a nutshell, last Summer I visited 8 remote islands over an 8 week period. I played a gig on each island, wrote a song on each and then returned home to record and release the song each week. 8 weeks, 8 islands, 8 gigs, 8 songs.”


Certainly not afraid to travel, the beginning of the year also saw Marty flying back and forth to England it record his forthcoming debut album, which is slated for an Autumn release via Struggletown and Never Meant Records. With more details to be revealed soon, single ‘Signal Tower’ appropriately marks the new beginning. Thought it clocks in at under two minutes, it’s an addictive introduction to Anna’s Anchor, Marty’s plaintive vocal melodies sitting atop a lush bed of ringing guitar chords that evoke vintage Idlewild and revered US emo acts such as Elliot and Into It Over It. “I wrote this song while visiting a super small island off the coast of Ireland called Inishturk,”Marty recalls; “It only has a population of 50, so there was nothing to do on the island other than take a step back, which is something I’m not used to. I usually get really agitated if I’m not as productive as possible, but out there I had no choice but to take it all in. I sat down at this look out point beside an old signal tower and spent a couple of hours writing the song about that very sentiment, how I don’t give myself a break and that’s not always the best way to be for yourself, your health and loved ones. The song is about being grateful for this gift of taking a step back to think about the important things but ultimately coming to the conclusion that it won’t last for too long because it’s not the way you’re built to function.”
Catch Anna’s Anchor On The Road:  June 9th – The Secret Garden – Galway, Ireland | June 12th – Mullarkey’s – Clifden, Ireland | June 17th – Tricky McGarigles – Sligo, Ireland | June 18th – Ursa Minor Bakehouse – BallyCastle Co.Antrim, Ireland.


Anna’s Anchor Debut Album Coming Autumn 2016 via Struggletown and Never Meant Records

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Anna’s Anchor Lights Up Your Life With ‘Signal Tower’