AS IT IS announce deluxe release of ‘Never Happy, Ever After’

AS IT IS announce deluxe release of ‘Never Happy, Ever After’

AS IT IS announce deluxe release of

‘Never Happy, Ever After’

AS IT IS will release a deluxe edition of their Top 40 debut album, ‘Never Happy, Ever After’, on April 8th on Fearless Records.

Speaking of the deluxe release, singer Patty Walters says, “We’re incredibly excited to be able to re-release our debut Never Happy, Ever After. We worked extremely hard to make these extra songs special and worthy of a re-release. Winter’s Weather was written whilst we were on the road towards the end of 2015. Written across countries, vans, motels, sound checks, dressing rooms, practice rooms, studios and friend’s houses, this was a song born in the environment that Never Happy paved for us and so we see it as a closing song to the Never Happy era.”


Band mate Ben Biss adds, “I’ve always loved acoustic versions of songs. Reimagining these songs definitely give them a completely different tone and interpretation of each song. Concrete especially presented as a male/female duet adds a new layer that really pushes the song in a darker direction which to me gives a new perspective to the lyrics of the song. We were excited to get Ansley from Jule Vera to sing on it after becoming friends on Warped Tour. Patty and I actually wrote the main bulk of lyrics and melodies to Winter’s Weather late at night in Jule Vera’s home studio in Alabama when we were crashing there one night on The AP Tour. There’s a lot of stories and memories that we have because of making the songs on the re-release, from recording all the acoustic songs in one long day in Indianapolis to tracking Winter’s Weather in Wrexham at the end of 2015’s touring schedule.”


AS IT IS – ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ Deluxe Edition trailer

‘Never Happy, Ever After’ Deluxe Edition is available to pre-order here:
As well as tracks from the original release, the deluxe edition boasts the following extra material:#
12. Winter’s Weather
13. Dial Tones (Acoustic Version)
14. Cheap Shots & Setbacks (Acoustic Version)
15. Concrete (Acoustic Version) [feat. Ansley Newman]


As It Is being their UK tour as main support to Sleeping With Sirens next week.

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AS IT IS announce deluxe release of ‘Never Happy, Ever After’