Apey and The Pea – Devils Nectar

Apey and The Pea – Devils Nectar

I like to think I’m a cultured man and I know a lot about the world but I can honestly say if you showed me a map of the world I wouldn’t be able to point out to where Budapest is on it but at least I now know it is home to some awesome bands. One of these bands being doom riff rockers Apey and The Pear.

Originally starting off as a Pantera tribute act in 2009 where somewhere on their path they began experimenting with original music. I like Pantera but let’s just say hail satan that Apey and The Pea began writing their own material.

With a sound that is full of heaviness Apey and The Pea bring a form of riff ridden rock that is straight out of Downs back catalogue with a nastier doom felt vibe to it. Apey and The Pea seem to be all about the groove and how a song can run mainly on its rhythm and how it flows.

Despite only just releasing ‘Devils Nectar’ the band are already working on a second full length album and I’m already hoping that a copy gets forwarded straight towards yours truly. I’m all about the heavy riffs. Oooosh. 8/10

Christopher Storey

Watch the ‘Judas’ video below

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Apey and The Pea – Devils Nectar