Arch Enemy – ‘War Within’

Arch Enemy – ‘War Within’

When the news filtered through that Arch Enemy announced a new singer, I was very much stunned. Angela Gossow has been in the band since Wages of Sin and has been the dominant force in the band, so I was a little sceptical at the first. The new singer – Alissa White-Gluz (formerly of the The Agonist) – has come from a band that, honestly, I don’t know anything about – I’ve never heard them before so I have no absolutely idea of Alissa’s vocal ability. This being said, news quickly escalated that a new album – bearing the same title as the song above – will be released in June, supposedly with Alissa making her debut into the band.

To be truthful, Angela won’t be making a complete departure from the band, she is stepping down to concentrate on management – which she confirmed in her leaving statement – I presume means the management of Arch Enemy, so I’m glad that she will remain active in the band. Whilst I am naturally excited for any favourite band of mine to release a new album, I feel somewhat subdued this time around. I loved Khaos Legions and with this new album I feel that Arch Enemy will spearhead themselves successfully into a new era.

I always remind myself that a single is just promotion for the album to follow. To be quite honest, I actually quite like that there is no drastic change in the styles of Angela and Alissa, and they both sound alike so that is no real worry in that department; unlike the transition between original vocalist Johan and Angela, way way back in 2000.

Whilst this single is essentially lack-lustre at first, giving it a few listens I can tell there that there has been no change in the direction of Arch Enemy, in fact it seems like business as usual. There is everything of Arch Enemy you would expect, and features new guitarist Nick Cordle, who replaces Christopher Amott (back in 2012) does more than an excellent job of providing leads and blazing riffs. However, I can’t help but feel that I want something more from this song.

War Eternal will be Arch Enemy’s upcoming 10th album, released on June 9th in Europe,June 10th in the US and, finally, on June 4th in Japan.

I can’t wait for the album to drop. 7.5 / 10
Nick Green

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Arch Enemy – ‘War Within’