Matt Finucane releases his new album ‘Glow in the Dark’ on Light Crude 25th of July.

Matt Finucane releases his new album ‘Glow in the Dark’ on Light Crude 25th of July.

‘Glow in the Dark’ is a mood-shifting album; ‘Hard Science’ the first fuzz-pop single to be lifted from the album is a cynical yet melodious tune that grooves its way under your skin. “Glow in the Dark” is a richer, deeper, subtler work than his previous album, and repays repeat listens, like records did Way Back When.  It squeezes the maximum impact out of words and music with stark, cinematic skill.  It’s a novel for the ears.  If ears could read, which they can’t.  Obviously. (NB Matt is also a sarcastic sort of guy.  There’s a rich vein of sardonic humour beneath the shadows, in the tradition of Lou Reed and pre-bonkers Mark E Smith.)


From the sinister opening chant of “Into It”, through crunchy fuzz-toned pop croak of single “Hard Science”, to the beacon of  literate pop  ‘Impermanence ‘to the early reminders of the psychedelic phase of The Small Faces on ‘Great Beginnings’ the record uncovers sparks of brilliance. Finucanegets right to the core of his listeners, ‘Glow in the Dark’ is questioning and visceral, it’s a reflection of the times, Finucane has captured and bottled onto a formidable but enticing long player. There’s beauty in the embers: prepare to be hypnotised!


Matt Finucane (Finn-YOO-cain if you want to pronounce it correctly) is based in Brighton. His career began with underground cult band Empty Vessels, and then he decided to walk his own solo path. Matt released his debut EP, ‘Episodes’ in2008, and it met with a worthy reception. This was followed last year by his first album ‘This Mucky Age’. The album’s oddball art-rock sound soon spread like a rash.Single “Hands Up” with its arty guitars and dense electro stylings got some airplay; in turn Mattered himself a reputation as something of an enigma.


There’s nothing fickle or manufactured about Matt’s artistry, more a yearning to subvert traditional song writing yet it’s precisely this individualistic streak that means in some ways he is a throwback to when musicians like Lou, Iggy,Bowie and Byrne had something of importance to reveal to their audience. Matt sees his music an extension of himself and if you can’t be true to yourself then who else can you trust?


Finucane’s warnings loll and ooze over the dark-glam drifting backing, hinting at the seedier, on-message, melodics and structure of Lou Reed.

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Matt Finucane releases his new album ‘Glow in the Dark’ on Light Crude 25th of July.