Artisan Loyalist Releases New Single “Lonely Ghost” from Debut Album

Artisan Loyalist Releases New Single “Lonely Ghost” from Debut Album

Lonely Ghost out Feb. 24

(Sky Council Recordings)
Hear the single  HERE 

“Artisan Loyalist, lead by Rob Batke, has a sound that is reminiscent of 80s synth pop, with a modern day dreamy twist.” – American Apparel’s Viva Radio

“…dusky, babbling brook of liquid synths” Bullett Magazine

“One of the things I love about Artisan Loyalist’s music is the influences he weaves into his own style” Pure Volume

Artisan Loyalist, the solo pursuit of Edmonton multi-instrumentalist Rob Batke, premiered the first single and title track of their upcoming album Lonely Ghost set to release on February 24. The six-minute track was featured on American Apparel’s Viva Radio and offers a taste of Artisan Loyalist’s fundamental style—an effortless combination of synth wave textures, melodic vocals, and experimental beats.

A unique homage to 1980’s synth pop with modern day textures, Lonely Ghost delivers on the emotions built up through Rob Batke’s prior solo pursuits.  The music evoke the failure, sadness, isolation, and ultimate triumph.  Lonely Ghost is likely to resonate deeply when all the fans eagerly awaiting its arrival in February 2015.

In October 2014, Artisan Loyalist set the stage for the release of Lonely Ghost with their first four-song EP, The Ace.  The EP featured two tracks from their upcoming full-length album that stirred up a great deal of curiosity among fans.  It offered a preview of emotional intensity that can be expected on Artisan Loyalist’s upcoming full-length album.

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Artisan Loyalist Releases New Single “Lonely Ghost” from Debut Album