Ashestoangels return with theatrical new album ‘A Trauma Shared’

Ashestoangels return with theatrical new album ‘A Trauma Shared’

U.K. goth punks and staples of the U.K. “New Grave” scene Ashestoangels will release a double album titled A Trauma Shared on March 28, 2018.


The album follows the limited release of their EP of the same title and will feature two bonus tracks as well as the band’s 2016 The Unreliable Narrator EP, which heretofore has not been released in physical form.#


Side 1: A Trauma Shared
“Borrowed Time”
“Believe In Me”
“One Last Glance”
“The Hardest Part”
“Bones Part 1”
“One Of Us”
“Words You Wrote”
“Get Through This”


Side 0: The Unreliable Narrator
“Tragic Songs”
“Never Made A Sound”
“Bones Part 2”
“I’ll Be The Dark”

**previously unreleased


The self-produced A Trauma Shared features some of the band’s most refined, varied and dramatic work to date. Heralded in by “Borrowed Time,” a desperate outcry that mixes all the most addictive bits of musical theatre and scatters in some djent for good measure, the album proceeds to rip at the heartstrings of the listener with My Chemical Romance-esque melodies, some ‘50s inspired hard rock (inspired by the band’s affinity for the Misfits) and even the band’s own “Danny Boy” lament in “Bones Part 1.” In addition to musical work from the band’s own members, the album also features background vocals by Mikey Lord from current U.K. buzz band As Sirens Fall.

In support of the album, Ashestoangels will complete a short-run U.K. tour:

March 29th – London Town – Boston Music Rooms
March 30th – Birmingham – The Flapper
March 31st – Manchester – FAC251
April 1st – Glasgow – Ivory Blacks


Album pre-orders and tickets to the shows are available now.

The A Trauma Shared EP
Ashestoangels made a bold move last month with their newest EP, A Trauma Shared, releasing it solely as a download for fans (known as the “Horror Cult”) who bought tickets to their holiday shows in London and Manchester. Those who had been eagerly awaiting something new from Ashes were, of course, outraged. But such is the way Ashestoangels operates. As a band known for being furiously DIY from their beginnings, each move they make is, as vocalist Crilly has defined it, “anti-band” and aggressively so.


Where have they been?
At the tail end of 2016, Ashestoangels released The Unreliable Narrator  EP, completed a couple shows then seemingly disappeared. Little did fans know, they would spend that year writing what would become A Trauma Shared. Crilly also would spend a European Tour, the entirety of Warped Tour and a portion of a massive U.S. tour with Motionless In White both shocking and mildly frightening audiences as the overly-energetic fill-in keyboardist for darkwave king William Control.


The Future
This release and the shows accompanying it are but the beginning of a busy 2018 for Ashestoangels, who have more sneaky tricks up their sleeves for their eagerly awaiting fans.

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Ashestoangels return with theatrical new album ‘A Trauma Shared’