Astorian Stigmata Sign with Standby Records;

Astorian Stigmata Sign with Standby Records;

Releasing ‘Bones and Memories’ LP on July 24; Band Premieres Lyric Video for Title Track

LA (by way of Wilkes-Barre, PA) rock outfit Astorian Stigmata have signed with Standby Records and will release their new album ‘Bones and Memories’ on July 24. Pre-orders are now available here.

Front man Dennis Condusta tells ArtistDirect: “The song “Bones and Memories” is where our grungy punk rock influences collide with our dark atmospheric side. It was the first song we wrote the record and it set the vibe for all the songs that followed. Unlike most of our previous material, this song has a hopefulness to it. An honest hopefulness that also knows the dark side of life.”

Blending musical influence from bands like The Cure and H.I.M, with an attitude and unique fashion sense, Astorian Stigmata creates a world all their own.

Astorian Stigmata started in 2009 as a solo project by frontman Dennis Condusta in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. After years of touring and line up changes the band finalized in 2013 with DJ Laury (guitar) Kyle Drevenik (Bass) and Matt Gobbler. (drums) The band is heavily driven to stay on a personal level with their fans by offering handmade merchandise, hosting several weekly series’ on their Youtube channel and regularly giving away their own personal items to fans.

The lyric video for the title track recently premiered on Artist Direct and is now also streaming here.



In 2013 the band entered a partnership with Youtube after being recognized by the site for their unique way of using their channel. The band spent time in Los Angeles working with Youtube and filmed the video for their single “Dramatic Romantics.” Shortly after they returned to Pennsylvania the band relocated permanently to Los Angeles in 2014 and started gaining momentum in the L.A. rock scene with their theatrical carnival style stage show.

Along with years of demo material, Astorian Stigmata has released two full length records (“Another Night at the End of the World” in 2011 and “Ashes of Angels” in 2013) and 2 E.P.s (“A Dark Summers Sunrise” in 2012 and “Dramatic Romantics” in 2013).

astorian stigmata bones cover

Track Listing:

1. Bones and Memories

2. Carnivale Gypsy

3. An End Of A World

4. Midnight Forever

5. Subconcious Voodoo

6. After The Eclipse

7. The Alchemist

8. Nostalgia In Autumn

9. After The Broken Glass

10. Chemical Burns

11. Death March

12. Ghosts Of Summer

13. The Ending





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Astorian Stigmata Sign with Standby Records;