ASYLUMS Share ‘The Death Of Television’ Single + Video

ASYLUMS Share ‘The Death Of Television’ Single + Video

ASYLUMS are about to take you on a DIY journey back to the days of Noisy, Gut-busting, Fuzzy guitar music.

The bizarre chaos you are about to experience is far out, refreshing and off the wall. No matter who you are, it’s time to turn up the speakers, sit up, wake up and listen. Asylums are a Cool Thing.

Imagine those things missing from music right now. Imagine community and word of mouth rather than the omnipotent internet. Imagine the punk DIY ethic still burning, imagine vinyl and cassettes and video games and cartoons. Imagine “Post-Social Networking”. Imagine “No Social Networking”, even. A home-made video starring sock-puppets (as opposed to the human puppets one often encounters in music videos). The pop hooks

of mid 90s indie transcribed via the fuzzy guitars of the late 80s American underground scene, like Blur if they’d grown up disgruntled in Seattle and signed to Sub Pop. A 1 minute 30 second blast of punk rock documenting isolation and commercialisation and the loss of innocence. Imagine that being released on Cool Thing Records, a label founded by members of Southend’s new music scene.

Imagine the Death Of Television. Imagine that.

ASYLUMS are giving away their new single below, but first, they also made this kick-arse hand-puppet video to go with it (screen shot below).   Yes … Hand Puppets!

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Asylums – The Death Of Television

Free Download:


Coming out via Cool Things Records

The label also have a launch show coming up as well which Asylums will play:

Friday 29th August
THE MARKET PLACE, SOUTHEND (Cool Thing Records launch)

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ASYLUMS Share ‘The Death Of Television’ Single + Video