Auditorium premieres "It’s Only God, I Swear" with Glide Magazine

Auditorium premieres "It’s Only God, I Swear" with Glide Magazine

Auditorium Premieres

“It’s Only God, I Swear” at Glide Magazine

New Album The First Music out January 27th


On January 27th LA-based artist Auditorium will release The First Music, a goose bump-inducing album of lush, genre-defying arrangements and instant-earworm melodies.

Glide Magazine just premiered Auditorium’s song “It’s Only God, I Swear,” praising the track’s “gorgeous vocals” and calling it “an uplifting and euphoric nugget of power pop.”

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Auditorium is Spencer Berger. Berger began performing at the age of nine as a member of The Metropolitan Opera’s Children’s Chorus, singing onstage with such golden-throated legends as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. His 2011 debut album (Be Brave) and 2012 EP (Nights Worth Living) dropped jaws. Now Berger is returning with his second LP The First Music — grand in scope (15 songs) yet tightly constructed (33 minutes), it pulls off a magic trick by unearthing beauty and hope in some of life’s darkest, most harrowing corners.

Last month, BULLETT Magazine premiered Auditorium’s track “Never Wrote a Diver a Poem,” saying “Berger’s lyrics with a slightly somber piano give the track a depth, that juxtaposed with saccharine guitars and the singer’s classic voice, make for the perfect balance.”

Auditorium’s unsettling video for “Fire Fire Ocean Liner” premiered at UTNE Reader, who said the song “is equally impressive as the visual effects,” and praised Auditorium’s “penchant for powerful vocals.” The video is featured on the “buh” YouTube channel of JASH, an award-winning studio, digital network and comedy community. Led by Emmy-nominated producer Daniel Kellison (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Show with David Letterman), Emmy-nominated producer Douglas DeLuca (Jimmy Kimmel Live) and vet digital video producer Mickey Meyer, JASH was founded in partnership with comedians Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Reggie Watts.

Watch or embed the video via YouTube:

Berger describes The First Music as “a hunt for answers to unanswerable questions.” While constructing it, Berger drew on a mix of personal tragedy (the death of a close friend), family history (many of his relatives were either imprisoned or killed during the Holocaust), vivid childhood memories, and current worldwide events. At the album’s core lurks a theme that Berger admits terrified him: “I wanted to confront the reality of my eventual death.”
Recording and mixing for over 200 consecutive nights in his Los Angeles apartment — and performing all instruments and vocals himself — Berger concedes that the process was all-consuming. While the instrumentation itself is minimalistic (limited mostly to acoustic & electric guitars, bass, and piano, with occasional percussion), Berger’s arrangements are intricately layered; the vocals alone were a gargantuan undertaking, requiring hundreds of hours to capture the sumptuous harmonies that populate the songs.

Auditorium’s album The First Music will be released January 27th.


1. Mt. Moriah

2. My Grandfather Could Make the World Dance

3. It’s Only God, I Swear

4. Perfume Drinker

5. Ten Ton Park

6. Fire Fire Ocean Liner
7. I Came Prepared

8. My Uncle’s Tree

9. Never Wrote a Diver a Poem

10. The Night Before I Turned Thirteen

11. I’m Home

12. Nor’easter

13. Did Your Heart Shake Like This Song?

14. The Nearsighted War Cry

15. The Singer

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Auditorium premieres "It’s Only God, I Swear" with Glide Magazine