The Away Days share new single ‘Downtown’ Album out next week

The Away Days share new single ‘Downtown’ Album out next week

The Away Days

Downtown – New Single

Released:  10th Feb

“There is inevitably a political inflection to their gauzy guitar daze” – The Guardian

The Away Days project a shimmering, head-swaying spell with lax energy, punchy drums, and lead singer Can Ozen’s affected, distant vocals” – Spin

Being a solid mix of 2006 Brooklyn, forever Flying Nun, and The La’s if they were mentored by the Reid brothers – Noisey


The Away Days release new single ‘Downtown’ this week. The band, who are based in Istanbul, have released three singles and two EP’s to date, each release being met with critical acclaim.  Their debut album is set to follow on Feb 17th.

The single, described as a “Sex & Love story between a young couple” by lead singer Can Ozen, hints at the melancholia underpinning the band, but also the hopefulness that permeates their music.

There are not an abundance of Turkish indie bands. The cultural hegemony of the U.S. and Europe and the scenes they represent make it tough for bands from non-familiar locations to break through. It takes a special act. Sezer (guitars) and Can (vocals/guitars) who formed The Away Days in Istanbul at the beginning of University are contending to be that special act.

Recent events in Turkey, and particularly Istanbul, have made things very difficult for Turkish musicians, as well as artists in general. The uncertainty and instability that face the country are not often accurately reported in the West. This is, however, an album full of hope. The atmosphere is uplifting and positive. The Away Days prove on this record that there is a lot more to modern-day Turkey than destruction we so often see on our television screens.

The Away Days have supported the likes of Savages, Portishead, Wild Beasts and Belle and Sebastian. One of the things that makes The Away Days unique is the fact that they’re engaging in modern Western musical modes in a country that has deeply entrenched conceptions of East vs West.

Downtown is full of disco groove. The ambition on display is unrelenting, it’s the sound of a band entirely comfortable with their sound.

At a time when the notions of East and West are increasingly under scrutiny the timing of this band could not be more important.

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The Away Days share new single ‘Downtown’ Album out next week