BAD COMPANY -The Official 40th Anniversary Documentary (A Film By Jon Brewer) DVD

BAD COMPANY -The Official 40th Anniversary Documentary (A Film By Jon Brewer) DVD

Formed from the ashes of Free, singer Andy Fraser and drummer Simon Kirke, with Mott The Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs and King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell, Bad Company had a number of platinum albums and hit singles in the mid to late 70s. Can’t Get Enough and Feel Like Making Love are staples of any rock collection.

This DVD covers the band’s entire career and is interesting and insightful from the outset.

Mixing music and interviews and vintage photographs, the set starts off with Rogers and Kirke talking about the formation of Free (through Black Cat Bones and Brown Sugar) and subsequent split. The vintage footage includes footage of the other Free members, and the newer material includes Ian Hunter on the formation and Kirke’s split from Mott The Hoople.


Some of the real meat was the formation of the band, the signing to Swansong and Peter Grant, the infamous Led Zep manager who took the band. There are then plenty of laughs with the three heads Kirge, Rogers and Ralphs on the sofa talking about Boz Burrell and King Crimson. I won’t spoil the jokes, just go watch. There’s further talking heads with other musicians, including Zoot Money and Jason Bonham, and producer Ron Nevison too.


While the ups and downs are covered, the lineup changes, the emphasis is on the original lineup, and subsequent reformation and live shows. While the early years is light (too light) on live material, the reformation era features a lot more, both on stage and live rehearsals, at a fair spot at the Hard Rock Café too.


It’s a well recorded and presented documentary, the band interplay and humour is fun to watch and the story interesting and enjoyable. Although light on the early live material, it’s still a great film. It’s not something you’d want (or need) to watch too often, but it is an essential part of the Bad Company / Mott / Free / Crimson collection.


There’s a Classic Rock pack too if you really want the mega packaging to go with it. 8/10
Joe Gessin


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BAD COMPANY -The Official 40th Anniversary Documentary (A Film By Jon Brewer) DVD