Banoffee Shares the new video for "Bodysuit"

Banoffee Shares the new video for "Bodysuit"

Banoffee premieres “Bodysuit” video on

One of Australia’s most exciting musical exports, Banoffee, solo project of Melbourne based singer and producer Martha Brown, just premiered the newest single “Bodysuit” on Red Bull from her newest EP, Do I Make You Nervous, out on Dot Dash / Remote Control Records. Check out the fantastic and surreal video on Youtube.

The video for Bodysuit was a collaborative effort. Written by Rhys Mitchell and Martha Brown, Directed by Rhys Mitchell, Produced by Ruth Morris, and with cinematography by Jack Peddey.

More on the making of “Bodysuit”

“We wanted to create a story about the subjective nature of performance. Not to specifically point at any industry but to show the fragility of one person when put before many. The delicacy and vulnerability that comes with the give and take of human nature and the way we interact.”

The clip follows an eclectic group of characters all interpreting and judging the same presentation: A woman, alien-like and bare presenting herself to an audience. Banoffee is cloaked in a skin of paint created by Melbourne artist, Lani Mitchell, which she uses to divide her from the scrutiny of her audience – a theme that the track touches upon lightly. The painted bodysuit acts as a second skin at once bold and concurrently vulnerable. The bodysuit serves to explore the outer layer, the persona, one must assume to become the performer. Still, the scrutiny remains, and in this arena it is to be expected.

“In a grand theatre Banoffee performs to an eclectically eccentric audience. The audience is comprised of discerning performance aficionados that are being introduced to Banoffee for the first time. Whether they enjoy the performance or not is irrelevant as this is a film-clip about the vulnerable state and psychological impact of performing.” Rhys Mitchell.

“I knew Rhys understood the contradictory nature of this song, we wanted it to feel uncomfortable and eerie whilst still inviting people to come along and experience something fun and bizarre.” Martha Brown

This clip is about the loneliness of individual thought, and the hush-hush manner in which we use each other for personal gain.


More on Banoffee

Banoffee’s irresistible sound made certain that her 2014 was replete with national and international tours, awards and new music, and she’s jumped into the new year with enthusiasm. After signing with Dot Dash / Remote Control Records, she followed that up with the release of Do I Make You Nervous, which arrived October 2nd with almost 600k spins on lead single “With Her”. Her recipe of new wave, R’n’B, gliding synths, syncopated beats and textured vocals are on full display. With a fresh and non-committal attitude to any one musical style, Do I Make You Nervous? exhibits the range, creativity, and open-mindedness that leads critics to  label Banoffee as an unique and rising talent.

After impressing a broad range of demographics at Byron Bay’s Splendour in the Grass and even New York’s CMJ music marathon (just two among many festival appearances), her signature sound has become something her audiences crave. This has certainly been recognized, given that Banoffee was nominated in both Best Song and Best Female Artist categories at The Age Music Victoria Awards 2014. Also named among the Best of 2014 by Indie Shuffle, this year she’s envisaged as ‘one to watch’ by Tumblr and Spotify.

Not only a groundbreaking musician, Banoffee’s interests in creativity and the arts has made her an increasingly sought out style icon. Having featured in Vogue, her trademark transcends her sonic artistry. As she continues to inspire, her talent comes through modestly, while her effortless style and naturally vibrant art make her a taste you’ll grow unable to resist.

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Banoffee Shares the new video for "Bodysuit"